‘General Hospital’: Is Brook Lynn Leaving the Show?

Soap opera fans know better than most that they can never get too attached to a character. The volatility of a cast for a daytime soap is a thing of lore, and anyone could be killed off, vanished, kidnapped, or otherwise written out of existence at any moment.

Of course, the flip side of this diabolical fact is also true, and fans have been rewarded when their favorites make a miraculous recovery from a deadly coma or even come back from the dead

With that kind of uncertainty hanging over them all the time, you would think soap opera fans would give up on trying to predict who is staying and who is going, but that’s just part of the fun. Now General Hospital fans are wondering if Brook Lynn is heading for the exit. 

‘General Hospital’ came back after a delay 

Soap operas were hit particularly hard this year by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of their frequent episodes and dependence on a very fast turnaround from filming to air time, many soap operas did not have the episodes prepared to last through the production shutdown.

Now that regulations have been relaxed, soaps are trying to figure out how to meet social distancing guidelines while still giving fans the intimacy they crave between the characters. 

General Hospital is one of the soap operas that had to halt episodes during the shutdown, but it has since returned. The set has been drastically changed by the safety needs, however.

Actor Laura Wright — a long time cast member who plays Carly Corinthos — admits to struggling with the lack of social interaction and the plexiglass dividers on the set. “The hard part was that you wanted to just jump on people to hug them but you couldn’t touch them. These are people that I’ve been working with for over 15 years. They’re family, so not being able to hug people and really get close and say, ‘How are you?,’ that was challenging,” she explained. 

The return of ‘General Hospital’ was marked with drama

Adrianne Leon (Brook Lynn) and Laura Wright (Carly)
Adrianne Leon (Brook Lynn) and Laura Wright (Carly) | Patrick Wymore/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

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The return to set may be difficult for the cast members, but fans were very happy to have them back. They didn’t disappoint, either. As the show adjusted to the new normal, they made sure to bring plenty of exciting drama to keep fans happy.

Since the August 3 return, fans have been treated to an onslaught of family drama that has had to help make up for the months of going without their favorite soap. 

A lot of this drama has revolved around Brook Lynn. The character — previously portrayed by Amanda Setton and temporarily replaced by Briana Lane due to pregnancy — returned to Port Charles in late 2019. She had her heart set on a singing career, but she got caught up with sleazy producer Linc Brown who offered her a way out of her terrible contract if she would sell her shares of ELQ.

At first Brook Lynn refused, but circumstances went from bad to worse, and she eventually gave in. Only then did fans find out that Valentin was behind the entire thing, and he showed up — bolstered by his newly acquired shares — to vote against the Quartermaines at the shareholder meeting.

When Ned found out what Brook Lynn had done, he kicked her out of the house

Is Brook Lynn leaving the show? 

Now the drama has heated up even more as Nelle — a convicted criminal who frustrates fans — has dashed Brook Lynn’s career dreams . . . or maybe even her entire life. Nelle’s murderous tendencies appear to have struck again, and this time they took the form of a pair of scissors across the throat of none other than Brook Lynn during the telethon for the Nurses Ball. 

Fans are busy speculating whether this is the end for Brook Lynn, but most believe that the cut to her throat is a foreboding sign for her dreams of becoming a singer rather than her appearance on the show as a whole.

It’s likely that we’ll see Brook Lynn recover without her full abilities. How will she patch things up with her family as she rebuilds her life?