‘General Hospital’: Is Marc Anthony Samuel Coming Back to the Show?

Nothing is ever as it seems in Port Charles. And just because a character may be off General Hospital one season doesn’t mean that they can’t make a reemergence down the line. As any soap fan knows, in this world, you always have to be ready for the twists and turns.

And now, as Port Charles gets ready for the nuptials of Brad and Lucas, amid Brad’s baby secret, another old friend might be making a reappearance on the show.

Marc Anthony Samuel
Marc Anthony Samuel | Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Felix on ‘General Hospital’

We all know Marc Anthony Samuel as nurse Felix. Samuel joined the show in 2012 after an audition with casting director Mark Teschner.

According to the General Hospital fandom wiki, Samuel was drawn to Felix as a character because he was diverse and it seemed like a fun role to play. Unfortunately, the character was met with harsh criticism as people felt that Felix was a caricature of a gay man.

Samuel defended the character, saying that he was actually a full person and while he may be “campy,” that didn’t take away from his genuineness. And the character has evolved over the years.

“I have seen Felix evolve from the guy who was trying to get up in everybody’s business to now where he has formed really strong bonds with people in the community of Port Charles,” Samuel told Soaps.com. “He’s not just funny. Because there was a lot of stuff going on with the comedy aspect of it, but now the other facets of his personality are coming out. We have a lot of situations introduced where you can see a loving, compassionate person. You can see a funny person. You can see someone who kind of lightens the tension. He is also a person who is really there for the people around him who really need him. I think we are going to continue to see him develop into a fully multi-faceted human being with things that are going well and things that are kind of challenging, but he will be a full-fledged member of the Port Charles community.”

In 2014, Samuel’s character was moved to “recurring” status on the series, which meant he would have a much less vital role.

Is Felix coming back to ‘GH’?

Yesterday, Samuel shocked the General Hospital fandom when he posted a picture to his Instagram that suggested he might be returning to Port Charles.

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Up and at ‘em. Where’s my coffee?

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The picture showed Samuel in front of the General Hospital sign with the caption, “Up and at ‘em. Where’s my coffee?”

Fan reactions to Samuels’ return

Fans were super excited at the possibility that Felix would be coming back to Port Charles.

“You’re coming back???” one user commented. “Hope so. Love your character.”

“Yeah!” another person wrote. “Must be shooting the nurses’ ball!”

“Hope you stay awhile,” another fan said. “Maybe you and Real (Taggert) can figure this baby mess out.”

“I’m going to need them to have you back PERMANENTLY,” one person said.

And many were hoping Felix could clean up a few of the messes going on in Port Charles.

“Could Felix please go save Lucas?” one fan wrote. “I mean seriously.”