‘General Hospital’: Is Maura West Married?

Maura West is a soap opera legend. For 15 years, she was a star on As the World Turns as Carly Tenney. Nowadays, she is known for playing Ava Jerome on General Hospital—a role she has occupied since 2013.

Viewers might know that Ava has an extremely tumultuous life on the show, especially in the romance department. However, not everyone is aware of what goes on in West’s life. For those who are curious about the actor behind Ava, read on below to learn more about West.

Maura West General Hospital
Maura West on ‘General Hospital’ | ABC/Valerie Durant

Maura West’s character has had failed relationships on ‘General Hospital’

Ava has had a lot of bad luck with love on General Hospital. She has yet to find her happy ending, but some of her most significant romances in Port Charles were with, Morgan Corinthos, Silas Clay, Franco Baldwin, and Ryan Chamberlain.

Nowadays, Ava is married to Nikolas Cassadine, though it is far from being a “normal” marriage. The two of them tied the knot in 2019 out of convenience and because Ava knew where Nikolas could find his grandfather’s codicil. They also had an agreement that whoever cheats first would be effectively barred from getting the Cassadine money.

However, things have gotten complicated as of late when it turns out Nikolas has fallen in love with Ava. Additionally, both of them cheated and broke the agreement.

Is Maura West married?

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Maura West has been married twice.

Her first marriage lasted from 1995 to 1999. She was married to director Jonathan Knight.

Then, in 2000, West married actor Scott DeFreitas, who was her co-star on As the World Turns. DeFreitas played Andy Dixon.

How many kids does Maura West have?

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West has five children from her two marriages.

Her marriage to Knight gave her one child: Benjamin (born 1996). Meanwhile, she has four kids with DeFreitas: Joseph (born 2000), Katherine (born 2002), Basil (born 2007), and Birdie (born 2009).

West has a rather big family, and she has even once described her household as a “circus.” However, she also noted that things are still not out of the ordinary compared to other people’s families.

“We’re really kind of a traditional family. There are no big secrets in my life,” she told Soap Opera Digest. “We’re like a typical family that is quirky. We are emotional people; we allow our children to be. We respect their emotions, and there’s no burying of anything, which is really healthy, but it can be a circus in my house, because people are allowed to be free. It’s a circus! Circus mazurkas!”

West also added, “Music is always playing. It’s ring-around-the-rosy in the kitchen. It’s pickles and cinnamon bread.”

Additionally, West often gives credit to her husband for helping her balance her career as a soap actor and a mom.

She said, according to MassLive, “My husband Scott (DeFreitas) is a great help, and a wonderful hands-on dad; one of us is always home with the children. The kids are very understanding, but I’ll admit there is some mother’s guilt — you just can’t call in and say you’re going to be late or change days. We’re shooting on a schedule, and people depend on you to be there, so I am going to miss some events and what not.”