‘General Hospital’: Is the Real Reason Why Nina and Valentin Aren’t Together Actor-Related?

Valentin Cassadine and Nina Reeves were a fan-favorite couple on General Hospital. Many fans thought that the duo was a perfect match. In a new interview, one of the actors in the pairing has an interesting theory about why they were not a picture-perfect couple anymore.

Michelle Stafford, James Patrick Stuart, and Katelyn MacMullen on 'General Hospital'
Michelle Stafford, James Patrick Stuart, and Katelyn MacMullen on ‘General Hospital’ |

The characters and their actors

Reeves was first introduced on General Hospital in 2014, portrayed by daytime soap opera veteran Michelle Stafford. Stafford left the show in 2019 to go back to The Young and the Restless to play Phyliss Summers. When she exited the role, former Lost star Cynthia Watros took over the character. Coincidentally, Watros was also on The Young and the Restless at one point.

James Patrick Stuart originated the role of Valentin in 2016. He has portrayed the character ever since. It was first thought that he was the son of Helena and Mikkos Cassadine but he is actually the son of Helena and an unknown man.

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Reeves and Valentin were together on the show at one time and married. They were considered to be a major pairing by fans of the show. However, it seems like Reeves isn’t too worried about Valentin and has now gotten together with Jasper “Jax” Jacks.

In February 2020, Stuart told Michael Fairman TV that the transition to Watros from Stafford was seamless. On the possibility of Valentin and Reeves ever getting back together, he said,  “I do know that the Valentin I know will never shake Nina, and when he loves, he loves forever. He can be simultaneously in love with Anna whenever she’s near.  I don’t believe he ever truly got over Nina hearing his story and his brokenness and still loving him twice as hard.  Years ago, there was a moment where he said to her the stuff that he’s never said, and Michelle beautifully kissed my tears away and said, ‘You’re beautiful’ to me.  I think in that moment, his fate was sealed.  I think he knew that this was his woman forever.  So, I just don’t think that that goes away.  I think he will always carry a torch for Nina, for sure.”

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James Patrick Stuart sounds off on the relationship

In a recent interview with Soaps in Depth, Stuart talked about the relationship between Valentin and Reeves fizzling out. He poked fun at the fact that the two may no longer be together due to the chemistry between Stafford and the actor who plays Jax.

He joked, “This drama is all thanks to Michelle Stafford making those lovey-dovey eyes at Ingo Rademacher (who plays Jax0 at the Nurses Ball last year!” 

“It’s funny,” he continued. “I look at that early episode when Nina had Indian food with Jax in the Crimson office and I can see it. I know Michelle: She knew there was money to be made in a triangle, so she worked it. D****t, Michelle! Now, we have no choice. We’re doomed.”

Still, it just all fun and games and Stewart doesn’t have any issues with Stafford. “She’s such a class act. I just love her. And I love working with Cynthia. I’m one lucky guy!”

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

[Correction: An earlier version said the show was on CBS.]