‘General Hospital’: Jon Lindstrom Compares Kevin’s Relationships With Lucy (Lynn Herring) and Laura (Genie Francis)

Jon Lindstrom has been playing twins Kevin and Ryan on General Hospital since the early ’90s. In that time, Kevin has had two big love stories: first with Lucy (played by Lynn Herring) and then with Laura (played by Genie Francis). In a recent interview, Lindstrom compared the relationships.

Jon Lindstrom and Lynn Herring pose for promotional photos for 'Port Charles'
Lynn Herring, Jon Lindstrom for ‘Port Charles’ | Bob D’Amico /Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images)

Jon Lindstrom on the unlikely pairing of Kevin and Lucy on ‘General Hospital’

Kevin and Lucy began being romantically interested in each other back in 1994. Though they were an unlikely couple, the GH audience responded well to them.

“It was Claire [Labine]’s idea to put them together,” Lindstrom told Soap Opera Digest. “She simply saw a real ‘opposites attract’ kind of thing in it. It was a gamble on her part but she was right. It worked.”

Jon Lindstrom, Lynn Herring In Port Charles promotional photo, lying on a bed together.
Jon Lindstrom, Lynn Herring, ‘Port Charles’| Andrew Eccles /Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

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Lindstrom and Herring worked together for a long time — and they worked together well.

“Lynn and I, like Lucy and Kevin, are very different but we like and respect each other,” he said. “It translated very well.”

The actors worked so well together that they ended up on Port Charles. At the time, Lindstrom was “torn” about the move.

“I had been a part of new shows before and understood the risks, and most don’t last at all,” he said. “But it was a way for Kevin to blossom on his own. And the 30-minute format was attractive. GH had such long hours in those days.”

Jon Lindstrom on ‘General Hospital’s Kevin and Laura

Then there was Kevin and Laura. The characters fell in love back in 2016. Right away, Lindstrom was excited to work with Francis.

“She is a bad a– talent,” he said. “Capable of anything.”

As a scene partner, Lindstrom calls Francis “the best. Disciplined. Committed. Always on her game. A gift to work with.”

Jon Lindstrom and Genie Francis in a hospital scene for 'General Hospital'
Jon Lindstrom, Genie Francis | Nick Agro via Getty Images

The General Hospital audience was delighted to see Kevin and Laura get together.

“We’re both good, so there’s that,” said Lindstrom of the audience’s draw to the two characters. “We like to work, so there’s that. But there’s something about seeing people with some miles on them have a love affair and face obstacles together that makes for good story and a good relationship on screen. And I think the audience was ready to see Laura move on from Luke, and Kevin from Lucy, in a positive way.”

As for his favorite “Kevlaur” moment, Lindstrom recounts: “I loved the scenes when she found him in the basement, blinded and held by Ryan. Then think about when Kevin admitted hiding Ryan from her. Brutally honest. Those scenes don’t come along every day, nor does that scene partner.”