‘General Hospital’: Josh Swickard Talks Being a Father of Babies on the Show and in Real Life

Sometimes, TV can emulate real life. Actor Josh Swickard experienced this for a while when he and his General Hospital character, Harrison Chase, got to be dads at the same time. Although Chase’s fatherhood experience came to an end, Swickard recently shared what it was like to take care of babies at his job and at home.

Josh Swickard smiling while talking to a female cast member during a scene on 'General Hospital'
Josh Swickard on ‘General Hospital’ | Michael Yada/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Josh Swickard and his character became fathers in 2021

In 2019, Swickard tied the knot with his real-life wife, Lorynn York. The two of them welcomed a baby girl in April 2021.

Then, in November 2021, Chase temporarily became a father. His friend Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) was pretending that Maxie Jones’ baby was her child, Bailey, and needed Chase to pretend to be the dad. Chase took on the role to help Brook Lynn, but the pair’s parenthood arrangement came to an end in February 2022 when Bailey was returned to Maxie.

Josh Swickard talks about being a father on the show and in real life

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For a few months, Swickard was dealing with babies both at work and at home. In a new interview with Soap Opera Digest, he recalled that this experience was “so great.”

“You’d think I’d get sick of babies; I go away to work and I just miss my own, and then I get to work and get to hold a different one!” Swickard shared. “Normally, when you work with babies, there’s a little bit of an eye-roll, like, ‘Oh, gee, how long are we going to be there?’ But with the baby who plays Bailey, it’s a joke — the adults blow more takes than the baby! The baby is perfect in every way. I love working with Bailey.”

He also explained that Chase definitely bonded with Bailey and was enjoying his time as a dad: “His goal is just to be there for Brook Lynn, but what he maybe didn’t realize is how much he was enjoying playing house and being a dad. Yes, the goal was to get the baby back to Maxie but now that that’s happened, it’s just what you said, bittersweet, because with the little family that kind of grew, the fake family, the feelings were real.”

Josh Swickard shares his thoughts on Chase and Brook Lynn’s relationship

Although Chase and Brook Lynn are no longer pretending to be parents together, that does not mean that their friendship is coming to an end. The two of them became closer while taking care of Bailey, and they even shared a kiss. It looks like there is a possibility for a real romantic relationship between them.

According to Swickard, Chase and Brook Lynn’s differences could be what draws them together.

“I think there is such a good yin-yang with Chase and Brook Lynn,” Swickard said. “He can be such a little puppy dog sometimes, and she can be such a strong force, and the way that they rub off on each other and feed each other is, I think, brilliant and interesting writing.”

A lot of fans also seem to like Chase and Brook Lynn together, and Swickard and Setton enjoy working with each other. Swickard believes these are signs that the “stars aligned” for the relationship.

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