‘General Hospital’: Kelly Thiebaud Admits She Has 1 ‘Annoying’ Habit on Set

Actor Kelly Thiebaud is best known for playing Britt Westbourne on General Hopsital. She has been on the show since 2012, when Britt first came to Port Charles.

After many years, Thiebaud has had opportunities to work with numerous actors in the field. She recently revealed one habit she has that can seem “annoying” to her co-stars.

Kelly Thiebaud wearing a lab coat and talking to Laura Wright during a scene on 'General Hospital'
Kelly Thiebaud and Laura Wright on ‘General Hospital’ | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Kelly Thiebaud has shown many different sides to her when playing Britt

Britt has a reputation for being manipulative and conniving. However, that is not all she is. Over the years, Thiebaud has been able to show different sides to Britt.

“There is so much to love about my character Britt,” she told Digital Journal in February 2022. “The show gives me a lot of flexibility with how I play things. They really let me tap into my own goofy side and my sense of humor and they allow me to bring that to the show, and that is unique, fun, and different to Britt.”

The actor continued, “When I first started, Britt was so wild and so out there, and uncontrolled, and that was really fun to play. It was fun to explore the weird sides of my character’s personality, and it was fun to watch it all unravel.”

These days, fans are able to see a “softer side” to Britt. For example, last year, she experienced heartbreak after falling for Jason Morgan only to later lose him. She was also diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease, a rare illness characterized by the progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain.

Kelly Thiebaud admits she has 1 ‘annoying’ habit on set

In a recent article from Soap Opera Digest, Thiebaud shared that working with her involves dealing with one “annoying” habit she has.

“I’m known to make inappropriate jokes,” she said. “I like to make people laugh. Sometimes I unintentionally do it when other actors are trying to get to an emotional place, and I know that can be annoying.”

One of her co-stars, Josh Swickard (Harrison Chase), also shared his habit that sometimes drives co-stars crazy: “I’m very peppy in the morning!”

Kelly Thiebaud shared thoughts on Britt’s love life

Britt is currently single, and there are a lot of talks among fans about who her next partner should be. However, Thiebaud does not believe her character is ready for romance yet.

“I think she’s putting on a nice facade of, ‘Yeah, I’m going to move on and I’m going out to The Savoy and I want to mingle and meet people,’” Thiebaud told Soap Opera Digest. “I don’t think she is quite ready to open herself up in that way again. I mean, she’ll hook up, but I don’t see her really opening herself up again at the moment.”

Additionally, Thiebaud is also open to Britt not having romance at all and remaining single.

“I’ve always thought it’s so funny that you have to be in a couple, you know what I mean?” she said. “Where’s the, like, single, bad*** women that are totally cool being single and are super-successful in their careers and love their life? I think it would be interesting to show that!”

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