‘General Hospital’: Is Kirsten Storms Dating Anyone?

General Hospital is an absolute machine, still going strong after over half a century on the air. The show gets by on its compelling plotlines that routinely entertain viewers. It also has a talented cast. One of those cast members is Kirsten Storms, an actor who’s been with the show for quite a while now. While fans get to see her character’s relationships develop on screen, they also tend to wonder what her relationships are like offscreen as well. Let’s take a closer look at whether Storms is dating anyone. 

Kirsten Storms, looking surprised, holding her hand to her cheek
Kirsten Storms | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Kirsten Storms’ career overview

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According to IMDb, Storms was born in 1984. She is best known for appearing on General Hospital. It’s one of the longest-running programs in TV history, and she’s been on for a sizable chunk of it. Storms first appeared on the show in 2005 and has been on it ever since. Of course, the talented actor has appeared in other roles as well. Not only did she play Zenon in Disney’s Zenon series, she also voiced the character of Bonnie Rockwaller on the kid’s cartoon Kim Possible. She guest-starred on CSI: Miami for one episode as well. She’s appeared on 7th Heaven and That’s So Raven also. 

If Storms’ performance in the soap opera genre for General Hospital seems like a perfect fit, it should come as no surprise. She actually had previous experience on a soap. From 1999-2004, she played the character, Belle Black, on Days of Our Lives, another popular and long-running soap opera. While Storms has plenty of TV acting experience, there’s no question that her most heralded role is that of Maxie on General Hospital. It’s the one she continues to play to this day. 

Kirsten Storms’ time on ‘General Hospital’

Soap Opera Digest interviewed Storms about her experience on the show, and her reaction was overwhelmingly positive. When asked what the best part of playing Maxie was, Storms responded that it had to do with interpreting what the writers of the show prepared for her and seeing how she can bring that to life: 

“The little moments that they give me, like, the subtleties of her responses. The fans don’t see it but they’ll write something in the [script] for a reaction or whatever. Sometimes when I read it, I’ll be like, ‘Huh. This seems odd to have this here.’

But then I get upstairs and run my lines with that actor and the note that the writers put in makes so much sense, or that note gives me an idea of how to expand that idea. It’s a constant challenge and I like challenging myself.”

Storms has grown along with the character – playing anyone for more than a decade and a half means some change is bound to happen. It even led to some speculation from fans about whether one of the show’s storylines was based on a real development. That naturally led to speculation about her personal life outside of the show. So who is Storms dating in real life? 

Who is Kirsten Storms dating? 

Storms’ character became pregnant on the show, leading some fans to speculate as to whether she’d was pregnant in real life. She wasn’t – according to The Sun, she posted a picture to her Instagram account that confirmed the baby wasn’t real, and that her “pregnancy” was entirely fictional. Of course, that doesn’t mean she isn’t in a relationship. 

The Sun reported Storms is currently dating a musician named Elias Reidy. The pair were first linked in 2006, entering something of an on-again, off-again relationship since. Storms also dated and married her General Hospital co-star, Brandon Barash. They married in 2013 before getting divorced in 2016, according to People. Those two have a daughter together named Harper Rose.