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General Hospital has been serving viewers drama this past week, including some that involve Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and his family. For those who still cannot get enough of what is going, Benard reveals that viewers will be “stressed” by what is coming up next.

Maurice Benard speaking on stage holding cards
Maurice Benard | Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Sonny recently returned to Port Charles

For much of 2021, Sonny was living in Nixon Falls, Pennsylvania, as a man named “Mike.” Sonny lost his memory after falling from a bridge and did not know who his family and friends were in Port Charles. He was able to live a quiet life away from the mob career he had.

However, after being trapped in a fire in Nixon Falls, Sonny got visions of his late father, who told him about his real identity. Sonny finally realized who he is and made his way back to Port Charles.

Upon returning, he learned that his world had changed. His wife, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) had married his right-hand man, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Additionally, his business was in serious trouble after rivals decided to move into his territory.

Maurice Benard says viewers will be ‘stressed’ by upcoming drama

While some people might have thought that Sonny’s return would bring things back to normal, it may be creating some fallouts that the citizens of Port Charles have to deal with.

For example, Sonny will no doubt take back his mob business and settle scores with rivals like Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober). Additionally, before Sonny appeared in Port Charles again, Carly and Jason were falling deeply in love with each other. Although Carly and Jason are happy to see Sonny, they will likely have to deal with their feelings in the coming months.

Benard told ABC 7 recently that viewers can expect “stressful” scenes in the near future. “I just did some today, and I did some yesterday,” he said. “I was stressed, so you’re gonna be stressed.”

Maurice Benard prefers playing ‘Mike’ over Sonny


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When Sonny was being “Mike” in Nixon Falls, there were many fans who wanted Sonny back in Port Charles. However, Benard actually prefers playing “Mike” over his original character.

Earlier this month, while he was still playing “Mike,” Benard told Soap Opera Digest, “I’m not really missing playing Sonny. I gotta tell you the truth! And fans are gonna hate me and be on my a— but you know, I’m just an honest guy. I’m not gonna lie to you. Like three weeks ago, I played both characters and Sonny was just — I don’t know what he was! But I felt like taking a shower after I played him [laughs].”

However, Benard is still excited about the upcoming drama for Sonny.

“In this particular storyline, I do have an excitement level that I haven’t had in a long time,” he told ABC 7. “Sonny’s dark. And for me, being mentally ill, it can wear on you after 28 years. But it’s what the audience digs and I have to go there.”