‘General Hospital’: Nancy Lee Grahn Has a Hilarious Response to the Recent Development in Alexis’ Story

Like many daytime soap operas, General Hospital is known for giving viewers unexpected twists to different story lines. Just when fans think they know what is going on, the writers often throw out a curveball and take the plot in another direction.

This is exactly what happened with Nancy Lee Grahn’s character, Alexis Davis, and her on-screen love interest, Neil Byrne (Joe Flanigan). This past month, Alexis and Neil’s story has been put aside, but something big just occurred that could put her at the forefront of the show again. To make it even more interesting, Grahn herself has a hilarious response to what has been developing on General Hospital.

Nancy Lee Grahn
Nancy Lee Grahn on ‘General Hospital’ | ABC/ Michael Yada

What is the background story on Alexis and Neil on ‘General Hospital’?

For the past year and a half, Alexis has been meeting with Neil, who is a psychiatrist. At first, the pair simply had a doctor/patient relationship with Alexis seeking Neil’s help in dealing with her daughter Kristina being in a cult. However, over time, it became clear they had feelings for each other.

In the summer of 2019, Alexis and Neil decided to end their therapy sessions together and began dating. Shortly afterwards, Alexis ran into serious problems when she was poisoned by her fitness instructor. Neil helped save her life, leading him to become closer to Alexis.

However, Neil discovered his career was in trouble because he did not wait two years before dating a patient. In early 2020, he and Alexis had to testify in front of the state’s medical board in hopes of helping Neil keep his license. They ended up lying to the board about their relationship. It initially went over well, but a few months later, the board discovered the truth and revoked Neil’s medical license.

Meanwhile, Alexis also lose her law license thanks to her act of perjury.

What just recently happened between Alexis and Neil?

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Now that Alexis and Neil both lost their job, it seems the two of them could finally be together. Alexis initially was not interested in getting back together with Neil, but in August, she finally admitted she did miss him a lot.

Alexis and Neil recently decided to spend the night together, but the next morning, she suddenly found him unresponsive on her bed.

Nancy Lee Grahn has a hilarious reaction on social media to what just happened

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Both viewers and Alexis still do not know exactly what happened with Neil. However, Grahn recently took to social media to share her thoughts on the latest development.

“In 24 yrs on #Gh I’ve shoved 1 off a parapet. (Splat) accidentally had 1 run into my knife & hurl himself of the 21st floor (ouch) ran over more than 1 (I’m a very bad driver) but I’ve never $*#&ed 1 to death,” she writes on Twitter. “Let’s see if I can add that to my resume after Tues epi. Stay tuned.”

Grahn also joked that, after what happened on General Hospital, her real-life fiancé has second thoughts about sleeping in the same bed as her.

“My fiancé after hearing about today’s #GH has requested to sleep in the guest bedroom from now on,” Grahn says.