‘General Hospital’ Odds & Ends: Tyler Christopher Teases Return, Cynthia Watros Discusses Nina’s Fate

On this week’s General Hospital odds & ends news round-up, Cynthia Watros sits down for an exclusive interview about Nina’s fate. She shares exclusive insights about what will happen with her character in the future. Plus, Tyler Christopher teases a potential return to daytime television. Will he be returning to the soap that first made him famous? And why did he leave in the first place?

General Hospital odds and ends focuses on Cynthia Watros, L, and
Cynthia Watros, L, and Tyler Christopher, R, of ‘General Hospital’ | Getty Images

Cynthia Watros gave an exclusive interview

Recently, General Hospital star Cynthia Watros — best known as Nina, the character everyone loves to hate in Port Charles — sat down for an exclusive interview with SoapHub.

In the interview, she praised the show’s writers for doing well under difficult circumstances.

“I really have to praise the writers,” she said. “Writing a soap opera isn’t an easy job. I feel blessed and am grateful for the material that they’ve given me — the whole journey with Nina finding Sonny [Maurice Benard], trying to tell Carly [Laura Wright] but then, Carly triggered Nina by telling her she shouldn’t be able to see Wiley, her grandson. It’s not flat water. It’s not peaceful.”

She talked about what we can expect from Nina in the future

Later in the interview, the General Hospital star told fans what they can expect from her character in the future.

“I know that some of the fans weren’t 100% on board but Frank [Valentini, executive producer, GH] gave us the time to play out the story. The show had confidence in us,” she said. “She’s not malicious or evil. She is a human being with faults. When she’s triggered, she goes into her pain. As Cynthia, I can relate to that.”

Is Tyler Christopher coming back to ‘General Hospital’?

Fans of General Hospital will certainly remember Tyler Christopher. He, after all, was the one that originated the role of Nikolas on the show. When he vacated the role, Marcus Coloma took over. And while fans certainly like Coloma plenty fine, they’d love nothing more than to see Christopher back on the small-screen again, too.

But, as fans also know, Christopher and the Hollywood life didn’t go hand-in-hand. Christopher — who also originated the role of Stefan on Days of Our Lives — has documented his addiction issues, and how living out in Los Angeles triggered them. That’s why he ultimately left Los Angeles — and the show.

But, in a recent Instagram post, he revealed that he was “grateful to be home,” and he was enjoying “Malibu sunsets” and “Sunday service.” This led people to speculate that he would be coming back to General Hospital soon. And though he hasn’t confirmed whether or not he will be back on the canvas, we’ll definitely keep you posted if he makes any sort of announcements along those lines.

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