‘General Hospital’: Rebecca Herbst Often Gets Nervous When Filming 1 Type of Scenes

Rebecca Herbst is a veteran of daytime TV. She has been playing Elizabeth Webber on General Hospital for over two decades, and her character is one of the most popular faces on the show today.

Although Herbst might have a lot of acting experience, she still sometimes gets nervous on camera. In fact, there is one type of scenes that can be quite challenging for her.

Rebecca Herbst on General Hospital
Rebecca Herbst on ‘General Hospital’ | Walt Disney Television/ Valerie Durant

Rebecca Herbst started acting when she was a child

Herbst wanted to be on TV at a young age, so she started appearing on commercials and TV shows when she was a child. She filmed dozens of commercials and had roles in shows like Highway to Heaven, Beverly Hills, 9210, and Boy Meets World. Herbst also appeared in movies like Kaleidoscope and Why Me?

Herbst was a competitive ice skater for many years and balanced her sports pursuits with acting. However, when she was 16 years old, she decided to focus primarily on acting.

Rebecca Herbst joined the cast of ‘General Hospital’ in 1997

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When Herbst was in her early 20s, she landed the role of Elizabeth Webber on General Hospital. Elizabeth is a legacy character; she is the granddaughter of Dr. Steve Hardy, one of the series’ original lead characters back when General Hospital first premiered in 1963. In fact, she is the only character today who can claim to have a connection to someone from the show’s early history.

Since her first appearance in 1997, Elizabeth has been known to being involved in some memorable and engaging story lines. For example, in 1998, Elizabeth experienced an unfortunate rape incident. The way her character dealt with the situation has been praised by fans and critics alike.

Elizabeth has also been involved in a few noteworthy relationships on the show. Her romances with Lucky Spencer, Jason Morgan, Nikolas Cassadine, and Franco Baldwin have kept viewers at the edge of their seats for years.

Herbst has been nominated for a three Daytime Emmy Awards for her work as Elizabeth. She won a Soap Opera Digest Award in 1999.

Rebecca Herbst often gets nervous when filming 1 type of scenes

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Although Herbst seems to be quite experienced in the world of soap operas now, she once admitted that she still gets nervous filming a certain type of scenes. For her, scenes that involve a lot of dialogues for long stretches of time seem to give her nerves.

“For me, it’s scenes where I have to address a group of people, like funerals, or even weddings,” she told Soap Opera Digest in 2019. “Having a lot of dialogue in front of all of my peers? No thanks. Not my thing.”

As for the reasoning behind this, Herbst said, “Everybody’s just wanting to go home and it’s all on you. That’s hard.”

However, fans who watch these scenes might not even realize Herbst could get nervous in front of the camera, which is a testament to how much of a professional she is.