‘General Hospital’ Sneak Peek: Carly Puts Nina in Her Place, Valentin’s ICU Crisis

This week on General Hospital, old rancorous feelings will come to the surface. Carly, who will get tired of Nina playing the victim, will put her rival in her place. Meanwhile, Valentin will face a crisis in the ICU, and only Anna Devane can help him. This is definitely going to be a week you won’t want to miss.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of General Hospital are up ahead.]

General Hospital sneak peek focuses on Carly, played by Laura wright, pictured here in a selfie
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On ‘General Hospital,’ Carly is tired of Nina playing the victim

If there’s one thing Carly Corinthos-Morgan is tired of, it’s Nina Reeves playing the victim when it comes to the Sonny/Mike situation. Carly has a bloodthirsty lust for vengeance, and she will get her pound of flesh from Nina come hell or high water. And on this week’s episodes of General Hospital, Carly will get her chance.

According to Soaps @ SheKnows, look for things to pop off between the two romantic rivals on the Oct. 28 episode of the show. Nina’s still reeling from her arrest for fraud and identity theft. The irony is, this time around, she didn’t commit the crime she’s being accused of.

That’s not what Carly wants to hear, though, and she’ll be calling Nina out for always playing the victim. She’s had enough of the nonsense. As far as she’s concerned, Nina ruined her life. But on upcoming episodes of General Hospital, Carly may come to regret that decision.

Valentin faces a crisis in the ICU

Anna doesn’t want to leave Valentin’s side until he wakes up. Say what you want about her, but she’s unfailingly loyal. But according to the General Hospital spoilers over at Celeb Dirty Laundry, this loyalty will be put to the test when Valentin has a crisis in the ICU.

Look for the crisis to happen on the Oct. 29 episode of the show. At that time, “Valentin will land in the ICU afterward, but he’ll be in good hands since Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) will look after him.” And that’s very nice of Elizabeth, really, but that’s certainly going to cause some tension between her and Anna, especially if Anna’s feelings for Valentin prove true.

The good news is, Valentin will be in Port Charles for the “delicate surgery,” so there’s a strong chance that he’ll survive. And then, when he wakes up, he’ll face the decisions between Elizabeth and Anna on other episodes of General Hospital.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Port Charles

Outside of our normal General Hospital cast of characters, SoapHub is reporting that Brook Lynn’s lies are finally catching up with her. With Nina out of the way (for now), Brook Lynn is going to have to face the music from Gladys.

“Meddling and making demands is what Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) does best,” they report. “That and uncovering secrets. It looks like she’s going to be stirring up a whole bunch of trouble these next few weeks and her antics will grate on Brook Lynn Quartermaine’s (Amanda Sutton) last nerve.”

It looks like the drama is just getting started on General Hospital.

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