‘General Hospital’ Sneak Peek: Drew’s Return Makes at Least One Port Charles Resident Happy

Drew Cain (aka Cameron Mathison) is finally back at General Hospital. And while fans couldn’t be happier about Drew’s return to Port Charles, there’s one particular character who’s overjoyed that Drew’s finally returned. In this sneak peek, we’ll find out who.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of General Hospital are up ahead.]

This 'General Hospital' sneak peek focuses on Cameron Mathison, pictured here with his family dog, and his return as Drew Cain
Cameron Mathison plays Drew Cain on ‘General Hospital’ | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

On ‘General Hospital,’ Drew Cain isn’t getting a warm welcome all around

Drew Cain is back, and General Hospital fans couldn’t be happier that Cameron Mathison is back on the canvas.

But according to the upcoming spoilers over at Soaps @ SheKnows, his return to Port Charles has been marred by tragedy. As Sam has been trying to get her romance with Dante off the ground (any #Sante shippers reading this?), she gets a call from Drew, who’s begging for help. But Sam says Dre is dead — so it can’t be him.

Dante then has the Port Charles police department try to trace the call — but with no luck. They’re wondering where he is, and who’s responsible for putting him wherever he is. Spoilers tease that he’s locked up in jail, and Peter got him there. This is especially true when you consider that Peter was responsible for Drew’s “death” in the first place. Fans have to wonder if all these events are interconnected. (Spoiler alert: in Port Charles, they probably are.)

But Dr. Monica Quartermaine will be happy he’s back

Fortunately for Drew, there’s one character who’s happy that he’s back at General Hospital.

According to SoapHub, Dr. Monica Quartermaine will be over the moon to see Drew, especially since she thought he was dead. So profound was her grief, in fact, that she wanted Franco to believe that he was Drew during that strange period of time when Drew’s memories were implanted in his mind.

But upcoming GH spoilers suggest that things may be taking a turn for Drew — and Monica’s loyalty will be tested.

How will she feel when ‘the truth’ about Drew comes out?

Other General Hospital spoilers over at Soaps @ SheKnows suggest that later this week, “the truth” about Drew will come out.

Very little is known about what this “truth” entails — for now, anyway — but we know that Sam will try to enlist the aid of none other than Anna Devane for help.

How will Monica feel as “the truth” about her beloved Drew comes out?

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