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General Hospital character Harmony Miller (Inga Cadranel) is someone fans love to hate. Since 2019 viewers have watched the former cult member cause trouble for many of Port Charles’ elite. Harmony’s bad side took a sinister turn, with her going to great lengths to protect a secret. 

'General Hospital' actor Inga Cadranel wearing a black dress and white jacket.
Inga Cadranel I Michael Bezjian/Getty Images

Harmony Miller goes on a murder spree on ‘General Hospital’

General Hospital fans always knew Harmony was no good, yet they didn’t realize how dangerous she was. Harmony has a massive secret she’s keeping from her daughter Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen). To keep everyone from finding out the truth, Harmony resorted to drastic measures.

Harmony’s therapist Neil Bryne (Joe Flanigan), knew of her secret and kept records of their sessions. Fearing Neil would blab, Harmony decided to silence him. As seen in a recent flashback, Harmony was responsible for Neil’s death in September 2020. She snuck into Alexis Davis’ (Nancy Lee Grahn) house during the night and injected Neil with a syringe while he slept.

But Neil wouldn’t be Harmony’s last victim.

Neil’s brother Brendan Byrne (Josh Coxx) came to Port Charles and blackmailed Harmony. Brendan offered to give Harmony his brother’s records in exchange for money. However, Harmony one-upped the con man and murdered him.

With the walls closing in on her, Harmony’s been an emotional wreck. She loves Willow and would do anything to protect her. Yet, Harmony’s actions have consequences.

Harmony Miller’s reign of terror ends in a tragic way

Harmony’s odd behavior raised suspicions in Carly Roberts (Laura Wright). Carly’s curiosity over Harmony’s secret was piqued when she caught Harmony burning documents. After Harmony left, Carly began snooping and discovered Neil’s records. Carly learned the shocking truth about Willow’s maternity and confronted Harmony.

With Carly threatening to expose her secret, Harmony knocked her out and planned to get rid of her. Harmony stashed Carly in the trunk of her car, then drove up to a cliff. As Harmony began staging the scene for Carly’s accident, Alexis stopped her.

During a heated confrontation, Alexis realizes Harmony murdered Neil and Brendan. Harmony tries to kill Alexis but is stopped by Carly. During their struggle, Harmony manages to escape through the woods. It appears Harmony will get away until she reaches the road and is almost run over by a car.

Her secret is still in danger of being exposed

Harmony’s days on General Hospital might be coming to an end. Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) and Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) are on the road when Harmony runs in front of them. Sasha swerves to miss, but it’s unclear if she hit Harmony.


‘General Hospital’ Speculation: Nina and Willow Are Mother and Daughter

According to, Willow and Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) rush to the hospital per Carly’s request. Speculation is Harmony’s injured in the hit and run. As she clings to life, Harmony’s secret may start to unravel.

Willow will receive a huge piece of shocking information from Carly. Between Harmony being a murderer and learning the truth about her maternity, it’ll be a rough week for Willow.