‘General Hospital’ Speculation: Is Trevor St. John Replacing Steve Burton As Jason Morgan?

General Hospital doesn’t seem to be quite done with the Jason Morgan storyline. And that would make sense. After all, even the dead don’t stay fully dead in Port Charles. (Just ask Sonny Corinthos.) However, now there’s some speculation that soap opera veteran Trevor St. John will be replacing Steve Burton in the role. It would certainly add an interesting layer to the drama if true.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of General Hospital are ahead.]

General Hospital stars Steve Burton and Trevor St. John
‘General Hospital’ star Steve Burton, left, and Trevor St. John, right | Getty Images

Steve Burton’s days on ‘General Hospital’ are numbered

Many outlets in the soap opera world believe that Steve Burton’s days on General Hospital are numbered. Indeed, Soaps @ SheKnows points out that Burton has been traveling a lot, both with his daughter and with some other friends. And this is something that he wouldn’t be able to do if he had a tight filming schedule.

The outlet also points out that there has been quite a few video teases that suggest that Burton’s character would be the next “brother to go,” as you can see below.

Other outlets have referred to Burton as “ex-General Hospital star,” which seems to all but confirm his off-contract status.

CheatSheet has reached out to ABC for comment about Burton’s status with General Hospital. As of this writing, we haven’t heard anything back. But, we will keep you posted, and update this piece if a comment is forthcoming.

Trevor St. John has been rumored to be joining the cast

In a bit of better General Hospital news, a soap opera veteran is rumored to be joining the cast. Trevor St. John, who is best known for his work on One Life to Live as Todd Manning — the twin of Victor Lord — may be coming to Port Charles.

With so many cast members leaving General Hospital, it makes sense that the Powers That Be would want to inject fresh blood into the lineup. There is some fan speculation on message boards over at Soaps @ SheKnows that would suggest St. John will be joining the cast. However, as of right now, this is just a rumor. Nothing has been confirmed from either St. John or ABC directly.

But will St. John play Jason Morgan?

Soaps @ SheKnows spoke directly to the higher-ups at General Hospital about what’s going to happen to Jason Morgan in the coming episodes. And while they were careful not to disclose too much about what will unfold on Cassadine Island, they did seem to imply that Jason’s time on the show was running out.

As the photo above indicates, Burton and St. John have more than a passing resemblance to one another. It would be easy to just have St. John step into the role and act as if nothing happened — or, say that he had plastic surgery. But even if things don’t go so far as to say there was “plastic surgery,” it wouldn’t be the first time someone completely different stepped into a role with no explanation. After all, look at Charles Shaughnessy stepping right into the role of Victor Cassadine.

This, of course, is all just speculation. We’ll just have to tune in to upcoming episodes of General Hospital to see what comes next.

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