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Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) knows how to make a splash on General Hospital. Since arriving in June, the newcomer has been up to no good. Cody’s recently created a lot of drama by bringing up his family’s history.

'General Hospital' star Josh Kelly wearing a pink shirt and black suit during a red carpet appearance.
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Cody Bell reveals he’s Dominique Stanton’s son on ‘General Hospital’

Since arriving in Port Charles, General Hospital fans have been curious about Cody. Aside from his romantic pursuit of Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud), viewers wondered about his past. Well, as it turns out, he’s related to a beloved Port Charles citizen.

In the August 10 episode, Cody got into a public altercation with Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner). After giving Scotty a bloody nose, Cody revealed he’s the son of Dominique Stanton (Shell Danielson), Scotty’s late wife. Cody’s bombshell sent shockwaves across town, and the next mystery is who’s his father.

Fans believe Mac Scorpio is his father

Now that fans know about Cody’s mother, there’s one more mystery to unravel. Who is his father? Many think it’s Dominique’s ex-husband Leopold Taub (Chip Lucia). Dominique was trapped in a loveless marriage with her abusive husband, which would explain why she gave Cody up to the Bells.

However, another possibility is that Mac Scorpio (John J. York) could be the dad. Mac and Dominque met when he accidentally stumbled upon her property. She followed him to Port Charles, where they had a brief romance. During their short romantic interlude, Dominique could’ve become pregnant, then secretly gave the baby up for adoption.

With Mac and Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) talking about children, he may be getting a surprise long-lost son. On a Reddit thread, General Hospital fans voiced their suspicions that Mac and Cody are father and son.

“I hope it is Mac, and that would make for an interesting blended family if Felicia is Esme’s mother. Maxie gets a psycho half-sister and Cody as a half-brother,” wrote one user.

“Mac never had a son, so that would be interesting to give him one. If they go that direction, Cody would be either related or step-related to Felicia, Robert, Maxie, Robin, and all of their (rarely seen) children,” wrote another fan.

“They kinda look like father and son,” another viewer chimed in.

What’s next for Cody Bell on ‘General Hospital’?

Cody’s family tree might continue to grow on General Hospital. He has a lot of pain and resentment over Dominique giving him up. As he seeks answers to why she abandoned him, he’ll discover his father’s real identity.


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Mac being his dad would be an exciting twist and tie him to another Port Charles family. Mac and Felicia would welcome Cody with open arms, and he’d get the life he was robbed of. However, many fans wonder if Cody’s being truthful about his background.

Cody has a penchant for seeking financial gain. It’s possible he might have lied about Dominque being his mom to get his hands on her fortune.

Whether Cody’s telling the truth remains to be seen. However, his past is unraveling, and more secrets will come to light.