‘General Hospital’ Speculation: Nina and Mike/Sonny Implode as Carly’s Feelings Grow

On General Hospital, Nina’s feelings for Sonny/Mike continue to grow. But there’s a fly in the proverbial ointment: namely, Carly. Even though she’s rushing to the altar with Jason, her feelings for her not-quite-dead husband haven’t died. So how is that going to impact Nina’s relationship in the future?

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of General Hospital are up ahead.]

The latest General Hospital speculation focuses on Nina, played by Cynthia Watros, pictured here
‘General Hospital’ | Troy Harvey/ABC via Getty Images

On ‘General Hospital,’ Nina and Sonny/Mike are getting closer than ever

Over the past few weeks, General Hospital has been showing Nina and Sonny/Mike getting closer than ever in their relationship. On the 13th, we saw Nina and Sonny/Mike get a chance to create a whole new life together.

Nina has proved that she’s really good at keeping secrets. Who else could keep the truth about Maxie’s baby on the down-low for so long but her?

But there are more than a few problems on that front.

Sonny/Mike is pushing the limits

General Hospital fans know that if Sonny/Mike is good at anything, it’s pushing the limits. And, certainly, he’s been doing his part to push as many boundaries as he can without dropping a dime on himself and his real identity/motive.

Of course, the other problem waiting in the wings is Carly, who’s still pining for her not-quite-dead husband despite getting ready to walk down the aisle with Jason, who she supposedly “loved” for so many years.

What is going on here?

What about Carly?

SoapHub speculates that in upcoming episodes of General Hospital, Nina and Mike/Sonny will implode. It’s not because they don’t care about each other. On the contrary: Nina obviously cares about Mike/Sonny very much — and certainly enough to keep his secret safe.

But Carly can’t stop pining for Sonny. And how is she going to react if she finds out that her not-quite-dead husband is still alive and well — and gallivanting around with another woman? Not well, that’s how.

Expect things to really get spicy in Port Charles in the coming weeks.

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