‘General Hospital’ Speculation: The Truth About Peter’s Body

The latest General Hospital speculation about Peter’s body is reaching a fever pitch. Anna Devane is in hot pursuit of the truth. Finn and Liz can’t keep secrets much longer. Things are all about to come to a head in Port Charles. But who will reveal the truth — and how? And what is the truth, after all?

[Spoiler Alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of General Hospital are up ahead.]

General Hospital Speculation
‘General Hospital’ | Todd Wawrychuk/ABC via Getty Images FINOLA HUGHES

‘General Hospital’ speculation about Peter’s body is reaching a fever pitch

According to SoapHub, the latest General Hospital speculation about Peter’s body is reaching a fever pitch. As Anna DeVane continues to search for the truth, Finn and Liz are cracking under the pressure. Let’s face it: nobody can keep a secret forever, not even Nina.

And now that Liz caught Finn and Anna chatting, the pressure to tell the truth is really on. After all, Anna already knows that Finn’s face was the last one Peter saw. And if she can track it down, the long arm of the law isn’t far behind.

So Liz just might flip on her purported accomplice.

Liz is looking for an out

Soaps @ SheKnows reveals their latest General Hospital speculation on what Liz is going to do in this hairy situation. At some point, someone is going to ask her questions. And it makes sense that she’ll flip on Finn, especially if it means saving her own skin.

She already asked her former father-in-law, Scott Baldwin, for advice on what counts as “justifiable homicide.” Baldwin doesn’t ever take a client pro bono, so this information is going to cost Liz one way or another. How much is she willing to give up to her ex-Daddy-in-law Dearest?


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Meanwhile, Jason is still performing his investigations. And things are getting scary there too.

Is the body still on ice?

Theoretically, Peter’s body should still be on ice in the hospital.

But if you believe the latest General Hospital speculation, there’s a chance it won’t be there. In fact, it’s all but guaranteed that he’s not where we think he is.

It’s a long shot, but there’s a chance that Peter isn’t really dead. (Stranger things have happened in Port Charles, and this is just speculation.) If that’s the case, and Peter somehow survived, he’s going to start talking. And what he has to say will definitely cause heads to roll.