‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Gets Desperate, ‘Mike’/Sonny Pushes the Limits

General Hospital spoilers are always filled with drama and intrigue. But this week’s spoilers suggest that things both in and out of Port Charles are coming to a head. Ava is desperate to find out the truth about her stalker. Meanwhile, ‘Mike’/Sonny is pushing his limits with Nina — but how far will he go?

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of General Hospital are up ahead.]

General Hospital spoilers focus on Sonny, played by Maurice Benard, pictured here
‘General Hospital’ | Patrick Wymore/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

This week’s ‘General Hospital’ spoilers feature ‘Mike’/Sonny and his devious ways

Soaps @ SheKnows teases that this week’s General Hospital spoilers will have “Mike” (aka Sonny) at his most devious.

On August 13, we’ll see Nina and “Mike” celebrating the opportunity to have a new life together. As anyone who has watched the show for long enough knows, this is usually a sign that there’s trouble on the horizon.

The nature of the “trouble,” however, is still a mystery. It’s possible that trouble could come in the form of Sonny revealing his true identity. But he’s not the only one with secrets. Nina has enough of her own — and knows enough about others — to keep her tied up for a long time.

Ava is desperate for answers about her stalker

Ava still wants to know the identity of her stalker. And the latest General Hospital spoilers from SoapHub suggest that she’s getting more and more desperate to find out the truth.

Nikolas is the one who is teased to drop the bombshell on Ava — that their stalker and their son are one in the same person. (That’s awkward.) But it’s questionable as to whether Ava will believe him or not.

After all, Nikolas is desperate to get his marriage with Ava back on track. She may question if his motives are sincere. Will Ava believe him when he reveals the truth? And what will she do next? Desperation makes people do strange things — and Ava is no exception.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Port Charles

Other General Hospital spoilers tease drama galore in Port Charles.

Carly may fear that she’s putting too much pressure on Jason — which leaves the audience, and him, confused. What’s really going on with their relationship? Do they even know anymore?

But Jason’s got drama of his own to deal with, especially after Jax confronts him. How will that confrontation end?

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