‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly Breaks Sonny’s Heart [Again] as Jason Seeks Out Britt

Things are getting heated over at General Hospital this week. Fans of the long-running ABC soap knew that things in the Jarly relationship weren’t going to be copacetic forever. Once Sonny rode back into the frame, things were going to get very complicated and very quickly. But according to the newest spoilers, there’s a new looming threat to the relationship on the horizon. And surprisingly, it doesn’t come in the form of one Nina Reeves.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of General Hospital are ahead.]

General Hospital spoilers focuses on Carly, right, in a black dress, and Sonny, left, in a black suit
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On ‘General Hospital,’ Carly breaks Sonny’s heart (again)

General Hospital fans knew that once Sonny Corinthos came back to Port Charles, Carly would be torn between two lovers. And, according to the latest spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry, that’s exactly what’s happening right now. Unfortunately, things between Sonny and Carly aren’t panning out the way the mob capo would like them to pan out.

On the Oct. 15 episode of the show, Sonny and Carly will have a long talk to chat about what happens next. They’ll always be co-parents, and certainly, there’s a lot of love between the two of them. But Carly will break Sonny’s heart — again — when she admits on that day that her marriage to Jason was real, as are her feelings for him.

This couldn’t come at a more inopportune time for Sonny. And this also suggests that our previous speculation about Sonny setting some ground rules with Nina — much to her chagrin — is coming to pass. However, the question of whether Nina will comply still remains in play. Sonny’s motives, too, are in question. Does he truly love Nina — or is he merely settling now that Carly is all but done with him (for now)?

Britt and Jason, however, aren’t totally behaving

But don’t think that Carly’s new husband is exactly behaving himself, either. Other General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry reveal that he and Britt aren’t exactly acting in a way one would consider inappropriate for a newly married man. It’s not that they’re getting in bed together — not yet, anyway — but they’re confiding in each other an awful lot lately.

Look for Sonny to confront his right-hand man on the Oct. 14 episode of the show — both about this situation, and about a lot of other things. Carly seems to have no problem being Port Charles’ Helen of Troy — but Sonny and Jason have to learn to get along for the sake of the Five Families.

Of course, things are bound to get heated this week, so don’t expect the chat between the two to go as smoothly as they seem, on the surface.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Port Charles

Carly and Jason aren’t the only people who are having trouble this week on General Hospital. According to Soaps @ SheKnows, Anna will be making more than a few revelations to Valentin.

As we previously speculated, Anna and Valentin are developing a relationship that involves a lot more than friendship. And that still seems to be in play. But there’s a shocking revelation by Victor coming down the pipeline — and before anything else, Anna and Valentin are colleagues. So, the outlet’s spoilers tease that she’ll be doing a lot of “coming clean” to her partner very soon.

Look for the Oct. 7th show to set things in motion for this new, possibly hot, General Hospital couple. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in the coming weeks. They’ve certainly come a long way.

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