‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Peter August Finally Dies, For Real?

There are more than a few people on General Hospital that want Peter August dead. And, certainly, he’s given them plenty of reason to hate his guts. In previous episodes, it was revealed that Sonny poisoned Peter, but managed to keep his proverbial hands clean like a good mob boss. But, in recent spoilers, it was suggested that Peter just might say bye-bye to Port Charles for good. If that’s true, who did it, and why?

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of General Hospital are ahead.]

General Hospital spoilers focus on Peter August, pictured here in a black shirt laying on a rug
‘General Hospital’ | Nick Agro via Getty Images

On ‘General Hospital,’ there is no shortage of people who want Peter dead

As SoapHub correctly reports, there is no shortage of people in Port Charles who want Peter August dead. And while previous episodes of General Hospital featured the villain getting poisoned while in the hospital (and Anna Devane putting on her detective cap to see what possibly could have happened), suspicions about WhoDunIt are in no short supply.

That’s because Peter has worked overtime to almost single-handedly annoy or otherwise anger everyone in Port Charles (and, in Sonny’s case, in Nixon Falls, too).

“Enough is enough when it comes to Peter August (Wes Ramsey),” reports the outlet. “The maniac murderer has crossed too many lines and he needs to pay. There’s no time like the present. Peter is down and out after the incident with his food so this is the perfect time to strike.”

It just might happen this week

The latest General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry suggest that there just might be a Christmas miracle (or a Christmas cliffhanger) in Port Charles. Peter’s been teased to be dead, pretended to be dead, and almost became dead for the longest time. But this time around, he just might be dead for real.

“Peter is heavily guarded at GH, so that could bring some obstacles when it comes to his inevitable escape attempt,” reports the outlet. “Between all the armed officers, security cameras, and everyone else who’s monitoring Peter closely, he’s going to have a hard time sneaking around. That could mean Peter won’t make it out of the hospital alive. Peter should avoid death at Elizabeth “Liz” Baldwin’s (Rebecca Herbst) hands and wake up eventually, but he could run into problems if he bolts and lands back in that familiar staircase.”

That sounds like a terrible ending. But if that does happen, the question remains: who did it, and why?

But who did it?

The better question, of course, is who at General Hospital doesn’t want Peter August dead? As Soaps.com reports, everyone from Sonny Corinthos to Maxie Jones will be fingered for the crime.

Sonny, of course, got part of the job started — but he didn’t finish the job. That leaves the door wide open for Mrs. Wu to finish it for him — or get her nephew to do it for her. And we already know why both Elizabeth and Maxie want Peter dead — and who can blame them, really? But then there’s the wild card of Felicia. How long can you really mess with a woman’s daughter and grandbaby before she finally snaps?

This week’s episodes of General Hospital will be intriguing ones, for sure.

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