‘General Hospital’ Star Nicholas Alexander Chavez Gives Updates on Spencer Cassadine

Nicholas Alexander Chavez has made quite the splash on General Hospital. As Spencer Cassadine, Chavez is part of the “teen scene” on the hit ABC daytime soap. Recently, he gave fans updates about both his character and his latest castings.

General Hospital star Nicholas Alexander Chavez kissing his co-star
‘General Hospital’ star Nicholas Alexander Chavez | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

Nicholas Alexander Chavez announced his new role

According to Variety, Nicholas Alexander Chavez was recently announced as part of the cast for the new film, Crushed. The film, which is being billed as a “coming-of-age comedy,” also stars Bebe Wood, Brenna D’Amico, and Lisa Yamada. The film will appear on Tubi.

Crushed follows Kate (Bebe Wood), a romantic high schooler who has a huge crush on classmate Jason (Nicholas Alexander Chavez),” reports the outlet. “But, as she unsuccessfully tries to get together with Jason during their senior class trip, things spiral out of control.”

Fans of General Hospital were wondering what that meant for Chavez’s role on the long-running ABC soap. Would he be leaving? Fortunately, he took to Twitter to explain that he wasn’t going anywhere.

But he made clear he wasn’t leaving ‘General Hospital’

In a tweet dated March 10, Chavez made clear that he wasn’t leaving General Hospital. He also made clear that his character on Crushed was nothing like Spencer Cassadine. And he also encouraged people to tune in and watch the film.

“So excited for Crushed. Get ready to see a character that is nothing like Spencer. It’s a feature, so I’m not going anywhere ya’ll,” he said on Twitter.

Fans couldn’t wait to check him out in his new role. “Good for you!!! Lovely to see younger actors like you begin the road to success. We’ll enjoy you as long as we can until feature films take you away from daytime,” wrote one fan. “So happy for u Nicholas & can’t wait to see it. Glad you’re not going anywhere for now,” wrote another.

Even Chavez’s former General Hospital co-star Sydney Mikayla sent out a tweet in support of her erstwhile castmate.

Chavez was also excited to be named ‘Performer of the Week’

Another highlight that Nicholas Alexander Chavez took the time to feature involved being named the “Performer of the Week” by SoapHub. The outlet pointed out that he earned the title after General Hospital tackled the topic of Courtney Matthews’ death.

“Nicholas Alexander Chavez dug in deep to his character and pushed for a furlough for Spencer,” reported the outlet. “Bravo to [him] for adding yet another dimension to Spencer Cassadine. GH drew on the anniversary of Courtney Matthews‘s (Alicia Leigh-Willis) death to give [him] new levels to play as Spencer emotionally lamented not only her loss but his inability to leave flowers on her grave due to his incarceration. Nicholas’ pain and frustration only grew.”

Clearly, Chavez is a talented performer. And his talents will go above and beyond the success brought to him by General Hospital.

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