These ‘General Hospital’ Stars Just Got Upstaged by Their Pooch and Kitty

General Hospital stars Cameron Mathison and Cynthia Watros are used to the spotlight. The actors, who play Drew and Nina respectively, are part of some of the show’s most important storylines. Unfortunately for them, their pets are slowly but surely stealing the spotlight away from the talented actors. It sounds like General Hospital is going to the dogs — and cats!

Warning: there’s a lot of cuteness ahead!

General Hospital stars Cameron Mathison, left, and Cynthia Watros, right
‘General Hospital’ stars Cameron Mathison, left, and Cynthia Watros, right | Getty Images

‘General Hospital’ star Cameron Mathison has a dog named Red

Back in 2019, General Hospital star Cameron Mathison revealed that pet therapy was integral to his recovery from cancer. The actor, who had kidney cancer, underwent several operations before he finally went into remission. And were it not for his dog named Red, he says he wouldn’t have been able to pull through as well as he did.

SurvivorNet reveals that many cancer patients, like Mathison, count on pet therapy to get them through the roughest parts of cancer. The outlet says that pet therapy isn’t just beneficial for the cancer patient — it’s actually beneficial for the pet, too!

But now that Mathison’s cancer is in remission, he considers Red a part of his family.

The Doberman has been an integral part of Mathison’s life

On January 17, the General Hospital star took to Instagram to share yet another photo with Red, who is a Doberman. “He looks tough but he’s a total softy,” he wrote. “The dog, too.”

Red has been an integral part of Mathison’s life for many years. The pooch frequently goes on family vacations with Mathison, his wife, and his children. And back when Mathison was the host of Home & Family on the Hallmark Channel, he would frequently take the dog to work with him, too.

And Red is just as popular on the General Hospital star’s Instagram as he and the rest of his family are. Who’s a good boy? You are, Red!

Meanwhile, Cynthia Watros’s cat stole the spotlight

Cynthia Watros, who plays Nina on General Hospital, is used to being part of the spotlight. Unfortunately, in a recent Instagram video, her kitty decided he was going to take center stage.

Watros took to Instagram on January 19 to share that she was auditioning for a project. She didn’t get into the details about the project — and before she could go any further, the orange tabby decided to take over.

“I’m trying to do an audition, and this kitty wants to be an actor,” she said. She then turned to her little cat companion and said, “Now is not your time, kitty. Don’t All About Eve me. Don’t do it.” The cat then gave her a funny look and leaped away.

It sounds like the General Hospital star has some fierce competition!

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