‘General Hospital’: Sydney Mikayla Learned 1 Important Lesson About Social Media During the Pandemic

Sydney Mikayla is a new face on General Hospital. She joined the show last year as Trina Robinson, the teenage daughter of Portia Robinson and Marcus Taggert.

General Hospital is introducing Mikayla to many new fans and social media followers. However, the 17-year-old is still learning about how to navigate social media as a TV actor. Mikayla recently revealed one important lesson she has been learning about social media during the pandemic.

Sydney Mikayla has been acting since a young age

General Hospital is actually not Mikayla’s first time working in front of the camera. She has actually been working since a young age, especially since her mother, Sonya, is an actor as well.

As reported by Soap Opera Digest, Mikayla’s first role was on her favorite childhood show, Yo Gabba Gabba!. Later on, she landed minor roles in shows like Parenthood, Community, and Hot in Cleveland. In 2014, Mikayla got the chance to play young Gabby Douglas in the Lifetime biopic The Gabby Douglas Story, which she recalled to Soap Opera Digest as “a great experience” and “one of the highlights of my life.”

Sydney Mikayla is making a name for herself on ‘General Hospital’

General Hospital cast
Sydney Mikayla, William Lipton, and Eden McCoy | Walt Disney Television/Matt Petit

In 2018, Mikayla auditioned for General Hospital and ended up landing the role of Trina. Her first scene aired in 2019. At the time, Trina was only a recurring character, but she was later promoted to a main cast member.

For Mikayla, it is important to her to portray Trina as an “everyday teen,” which helps the character feel more real to viewers.

“I just kind of went in and made the character similar to myself,” Mikayla told Soap Opera Digest. “I could tell she was just kind of written as your everyday teen; I was like, ‘I’m just gonna make Trina as much like Sydney as possible because I can see how the writers want her to be just portrayed as just a realistic girl.’”

However, of course, Mikayla also acknowledges that certain parts of Trina’s life is more “exciting” than hers. She told Digital Journal, “Obviously, my life is not nearly as exciting as Trina’s. I love being able to work and deal with a life that is much more exciting than mine. I like how Trina has a super-interesting and fun life.”

Sydney Mikayla recently learned something important about social media


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Now that she is becoming a regular on a popular soap opera, Mikayla’s life could get more eventful in the future.

Many up-and-coming Hollywood talents have to learn how to manage a social media presence, and Mikayla is realizing there should be a balance when it comes to the internet.

Speaking to Hollywood Hi recently, she shared an important social media lesson she’s learned during the pandemic. Mikayla said, “I have definitely learned that I don’t need social media as much as I thought I did. I feel like I’ve really disconnected – for better or worse – but I feel like its helped me to become in touch with the real world.”