‘General Hospital’: Sydney Mikayla Reveals 1 Secret Fans Don’t Know About the Metro Court Pool

The Metro Court is a popular hotel on General Hospital owned by Carly Corinthos. Citizens of Port Charles often hang out at its restaurant and bar or stay at its many rooms. Recently, people also started gathering at another location in the hotel—the pool.

Sydney Mikayla (Trina Robinson) has been at the pool numerous times already thanks to her character’s storylines. She revealed a secret fans might not know about the pool.

‘General Hospital’ debuted the Metro Court pool in July

On July 15, General Hospital debuted the pool on TV. According to TV Insider, executive producer Frank Valentini called it “the place to see and be seen this summer for all the heat and drama.”

It took the crew three months to create this set. “Frank’s number one point to us was to make this set look believable,” production designer Jennifer Elliott said. “That gave us a great jumping-off point.”

Meanwhile another designer, Andrew Evashchen explained, “We lined [the water tanks] with a certain material that’s like a bed liner for trucks. It works really well for pools. It’s durable and watertight. We chose a specific blue that Frank really liked and had the pool sprayed and sealed in that color.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, the pool water is filtered every day. It is also heated when the actors get into the pool.

Sydney Mikayla reveals 1 secret fans don’t know about the pool

Sydney Mikayla with other cast members by the Metro Court pool
Sydney Mikayla (second from left) with William Lipton, Eden McCoy, and Nicholas Chavez on ‘General Hospital’ | Troy Harvey/ABC via Getty Images

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Mikayla’s character has been seen at the pool a lot. Often, Trina is accompanied by fellow teenagers, such as Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) and Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez). As such, Mikayla seems to have a good idea of what the pool is really like for people on set.

“Fun fact—I don’t know if the audience knows this, but the pool is actually two feet,” she said on the podcast That’s Awesome with co-stars Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson. “I have swum in it. I think Nicholas has. But it is literally to… maybe below your knees? You have to pretend like it’s a full pool.”

Anderson, who plays Damian Spinelli, commented, “Everybody’s got, like, scratch marks on their belly from trying to swim.”

The set designers have shared with news outlets that the pool is actually three feet deep.

Anderson also joked about there possibly being urine in the Metro Court pool. Mikayla hopes “there is none,” while Burton does not believe there would be any.

Eden McCoy once shared her thoughts on the pool

Eden McCoy pushing Nicholas Chavez into the pool on an episode of 'General Hospital'
William Lipton, Eden McCoy, and Nicholas Chavez | Troy Harvey/ABC via Getty Images

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As mentioned before, McCoy is another actor whose storylines have often taken place at the pool. She shared with TV Insider that she enjoys working in the new set.

“It’s so much fun to work in this set,” McCoy said. “I haven’t gone fully into the pool yet, but they keep it warm for us. It feels different taping in this set, very relaxed. Shawn Reeves [GH’s costumer] has been styling us with these cute [bathing] suits and new wardrobe.”