‘General Hospital’: The Important Piece of Advice Wes Ramsey Has For Aspiring Actors

General Hospital actor Wes Ramsey plays Peter August, who is still a relatively new character on the show. However, that does not mean that Ramsey himself is a rookie in showbiz. He has actually been on other soap operas before, such as Guiding Light and Days of Our Lives, as well as popular dramas like CSI: Miami, Grey’s Anatomy, and Pretty Little Liars.

With such an experienced background, it makes sense that Ramsey has some words of advice for anyone who would like to pursue acting. It is definitely not an easy industry to find success in, but perhaps some aspiring actors could find Ramsey’s tips to be valuable.

Wes Ramsey
Wes Ramsey | ABC/Todd Wawrychuk

Wes Ramsey has been interested in acting since a young age

Ramsey’s acting career did not just start out of nowhere. He has been interested in the craft since a young age.

“I love being able to create characters. I have been doing that naturally since I was a kid,” Ramsey said in an interview with Digital Journal. “I would find a hero figure to emulate when I was young and I would take on that persona in my real life.”

In fact, in the late 1990s, he attended Juilliard School and studied drama.

The formal training he received actually helps him as a soap actor, especially when it comes to memorizing scripts every day. He told Digital Journal: “Coming from a theatrical background and studying classical theatre, when you are memorizing Shakespeare (rhyming couplets, monologues, and iambic pentameter) as a teenager, from then on, everything else takes a back seat.”

Wes Ramsey joined ‘General Hospital’ in 2017

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Ramsey joined the cast of General Hospital in 2017 as a media publisher named Peter August. It didn’t take long before Peter became implicated in the abduction of Jason Morgan. Additionally, Peter was revealed to be the child of Cesar Faison and Anna Devane as well as the half-brother of Nathan West.

Although Ramsey’s character himself is quite new, his parents’ complicated relationship goes way back. As such, Ramsey understands well the responsibility that he is carrying with him.

Speaking to Soaps.com, Ramsey said: “I feel fortunate and incredibly blessed to be given this great gift, not a burden, by the writers to be able to carry this legacy for better or for worse into the future of Port Charles, and all of the struggle of good and evil, and light and dark that goes along with that. It’s an incredibly exciting opportunity.”

What piece of advice does Wes Ramsey have for aspiring actors?

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For aspiring actors who would one day like to act full-time in the entertainment industry, Ramsey has some valuable advice for them. It is drawn from his own experience.

“Go see theater, watch people act on stage and watch all kinds of plays be performed,” Ramsey told Digital Journal. “Believe in yourself. Training is important and trusting your instincts as an actor.”

Additionally, Ramsey has some life lessons to impart as well. One of the most important advice for him is to “take your risks when you are young” and “learn from the mistakes of others because you never live long enough to make them all yourself.”