‘General Hospital’: The Real Reason Why Dominic Zamprogna Left the Show and Why He Came Back

Before returning to General Hospital, Dominic Zamprogna openly express that he would be happy to come back to the show as Dante Falconeri. He opened up recently about why he departed the show and almost left the acting world period, as well as why he came back to Port Charles.

Dominic Zamprogna
Dominic Zamprogna | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Zamprogna is back on ‘General Hospital’

Once he left the show for the first time, Zamprogna returned for a special episode in 2018. After this, he returned again for several episodes that aired in March 2019. In the episode for that return, he dealt with looking for the man who shot his wife, Lulu Spencer. He ended up killing him in self-defense. Falconeri reunited with Spencer and the kids but had severe PTSD from everything that happened. He left town, thinking this was the best way that he could protect them.

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Falconeri made a surprise return to the show on Aug. 3, shortly after his return to the show leaked. He was shown in a WSB facility in Switzerland, still under the mindset that he is protecting his family and loved ones by being away from them.

The actor wanted to return after ‘realizing what he wanted’

In a new interview with Soaps in Depth, Zamprogna returned about his return to the show. As he said in a prior interview about the matter, he did point to the fact that he was questioning his acting career in general. “I came down to L.A. with that job. I knew nobody. I knew no casting directors, nothing,” he said, referring to his General Hospital role.

He explained, “I was in a place where I wasn’t feeling confident about my work. I went from going up on that stage and having a great time to going up on that stage and stressing out and just not feeling like I was doing good work. That’s the other reason why I wanted to step back. I felt like I needed to clear my head. The whole thing that I realized when I left is, ‘Do I really want to act?’ It affected me so much.”

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This is when he started missing the show

For a while, Zamprogna said everything was fine. He and his wife and daughters went to Italy for a trip before selling their house and getting another one in a different area in California. Still he felt the urge to get back into everything. “Everything was going really well. It wasn’t until like, September, October, I got the itch,” he said. “You do miss your team. Even though it was my choice to leave, it still sucks to see everything continuing on and everyone having a good time. You start realizing what you want. And what I really want is to be with my people.”

As far as being back on the show, the actor is super excited about what is to come.  “It felt good to me and it felt right to me. And everybody seemed to be really excited about it. It was nice to feel welcomed back by you guys, too. It just proves you are where you’re meant to be.”

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.