‘General Hospital’: The Surprising Reason Why William DeVry Is Working out More Due to His Storyline

General Hospital is back in high-gear after being preempted for weeks due to the impeachment hearings. Now that everything is back on track, one actor is giving an idea of what to expect, including why he’s working out more.

ABC's "General Hospital" - 2014
Maurice Benard (Sonny) and William deVry (Julian) on ‘General Hospital’ | Todd Wawrychuk/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

William DeVry’s prior soap work and his role as Julian Jerome

DeVry took over the role of Julian Jerome in 2013 and has portrayed the actors since then. Casting DeVry in the role was not a surprising choice at all as he is a soap opera veteran and had multiple daytime soap roles before.

He portrayed Michael Cambias on All My Children from 2003-2004 and Storm Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful from 2006-2008 and 2012.

On General Hospital, the character of Julian Jerome was first introduced in 1998, portrayed by Jason Culp. The actor stayed in the role until 1990. In 2013, the character was introduced with DeVry. The character is the son of crime boss Victor Jerome and the brother of Evan Jerome and Olivia St. John. Julian and Olivia battled over control over the crime syndicate in the late 1980s/early 1990s.

The character, as DeVry, returned to the show in the early 2010s to bring back the Jerome crime family with his younger half-sister, Ava Jerome, portrayed by Maura West. He came to town as Derek Wells but as eventually revealed to be Julian. He and Ava have a love-hate relationship as siblings and Julian becomes rivals with Sonny Corinthos, who Ava is involved with at one point.

Most of Julian’s romantic history during the DeVry era has been with Olivia Falconeri and Alexis Davis. Julian and Olivia have a son, Leo Falconeri, and the biological father of Alexis’ daughter, Sam Morgan.

Why William DeVry is working out more for his story

The General Hospital star revealed recently, that like many actors he will be required to be shirtless a lot, and he gave insight on the reason why.

In an Instagram post, he wrote, “Guys. Can I just say sometimes working out sucks!!! This week has been rough. As I like to say motivation is fleeting. Inspiration can last a lifetime. What’s your inspiration?! Oh and I had to workout [sic]. Two love scenes in one week at GH. Rough life I know. Someone has to do it right!!”

Fans are guessing who it could be. Many are hoping that it is Alexis but several are thinking that it could be the newly-reintroduced Brook Lynn Ashton, now portrayed by Amanda Setton. Could it be both? We should find out soon.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.