‘General Hospital’: The Sweet Thing Rebecca Herbst Often Does When Acting With Her On-Screen Kids

Rebecca Herbst has been playing Elizabeth Webber on General Hospital for over 20 years now. When Herbst first joined the show in 1997, Elizabeth was a teenager who was getting accustomed to Port Charles and its citizens. Nowadays, however, Elizabeth is a mom to three children.

Because of this, Herbst also grew and adapted to her character’s life circumstances. After working closely with young children for many years, she has learned to interact with them efficiently in order to create great scenes for General Hospital. In fact, there is one sweet thing Herbst often does when acting with her on-screen kids.

General Hospital
(L-R) Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth, William Lipton, Jason David, and Hudson West | Walt Disney Television/Matt Petit

Who are Elizabeth Webber’s kids on ‘General Hospital’?

Elizabeth Webber has three sons: Cameron, Jake, and Aiden.

Cameron (William Lipton) is Elizabeth’s son with Zander Smith. He was conceived in 2003, and at the time, Elizabeth was married to Ric Lansing. However, when Elizabeth and Ric had a huge fight on Halloween of that year, she slept with Zander and became pregnant with Cameron. Ric ultimately agreed to raise Cameron as his own son, though he and Elizabeth divorced in 2004.

Jake (Hudson West) is Elizabeth’s son with Jason Morgan. In 2007, Elizabeth was married to Lucky Spencer, but she decided to sleep with her ex, Jason, after finding out Lucky had cheated on her. Elizabeth and Jason’s relationship did not work out as they were both in love with other people.

Aiden (Jason David) is Elizabeth’s son with Lucky. Aiden’s father was originally thought to be Nikolas Cassadine since Elizabeth had an affair with Nikolas in 2010 after she had managed to reconcile with Lucky. However, Elizabeth ordered a DNA test a year later and found out that Lucky was the father.

What does Rebecca Herbst often do when acting with her on-screen kids?

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In an interview with Michael Fairman TV, Herbst shared that, like many mothers out there, Elizabeth has a special relationship with each of her three kids.

“Aiden is still this baby who Elizabeth coddles and protects,” she explained. “Cameron is expected to be the man of the house and take care of things, and sometimes Elizabeth feels like she puts too much responsibility on him, but he is going to protect his mom no matter what.  Hudson (Jake) is so wonderful, too.”

Additionally, because Herbst has her own children as well, she understands how to treat her on-screen kids. She revealed that she loves to be affectionate with her on-screen sons, though she always asks permission before showing them her love.

“I always ask permission from my on-camera kids before a scene: ‘Is it okay if I kiss your little head?  Is it okay if I put you on my lap here?  Is it okay if I put my hands on your face?’” Herbst said. “I’m not their mother, but when I think about what I would do with my real-life kids,  they’re always getting kissed and hugged and held by me, so I want to make it look as real as possible.”

She also added: “All three of my on-screen kids are so great, because they’re like, ‘Yeah, sure.  We don’t care!’ and not all stage kids are like that.  They all are receptive of my love, and they just let me do it.  I think that is what is so sweet.”

How many kids does Herbst have in real life?

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When Herbst is not busy being a mom on General Hospital, she often comes home to her own brood of kids.

Herbst has been married to actor Michael Saucedo for over 20 years. The couple has three children: Ethan (b. 2001), Ella (b. 2004), and Emerson (b. 2010).