‘General Hospital’: The Top 4 Characters Fans Love to Hate

In any television show, you have your heroes and your antiheroes. One group cannot exist without the other. And while the antiheroes may get on our nerves, they give us something to root against. Can you imagine how boring a show where everyone just did what they were supposed to and there were no villains around would be?

General Hospital
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General Hospital storylines thrive on characters backstabbing one another, lying, and deceiving. Here are the top four characters that fans love to hate.

Helena Cassadine

Helena Cassadine first appeared on the show in 1981. She reemerged in 1996. Between 1996 and 2013, she returned to the show almost every year. In 2013, however, she was killed by Luke. But pure evil doesn’t die that easily. She later returned in 2014 after Robin Scorpio-Drake was able to bring her back to life. But as she was truly evil, even her family couldn’t stand her and in 2015, she was poisoned by her grandson Nikolas at a tea party.

During her time on the show, she wreaked havoc on Port Charles, murdering, kidnapping people, and just all-around lying. She is one of the most hated characters in the history of the show.

Stavros Cassadine

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree when it came to Stavros Cassadine. He is possibly the worst of Helena’s children. He was absolutely obsessed with Laura Spencer. He kidnapped her and raped her. He was supposedly killed in 1983, 2001, and 2013. He wasn’t actually killed off until 2014.

Valentin Cassadine 

The Cassadine family produces many of the villains in Port Charles. Valentin Cassadine is the son of Helena. Some would argue that Valentin was actually worse than his mother. He shot Nikolas, his nephew, and lied to pretty much everyone he encountered. His only redeeming quality is his love for his daughter Charlotte.

The character has been played by James Patrick Stuart since 2016.

“You’re struck by the fact that this guy is just being a jerk,” Stuart said of the character, according to his Fandom page. ” But “the more you play it, the more fleshed-out he becomes.”

Stuart wanted to make sure that fans knew that Valentin was a bad guy. He had no interest in “playing the misunderstood [bleep]hole.”

In Stuart’s eyes, Valentin “has much to say. He’s been wronged and he needs to make sure that you understand that. He has a specific agenda!”

Scott Baldwin

Scott Baldwin is the definition of a character that viewers love to hate. Sometimes he’s awful and then others, he shows that he has a heart.

When the character was first introduced, Scott was in law school. He married Laura Spencer in 1979 but later, she was raped by Luke and then fell in love with him. Laura eventually left Scott for Luke. The character then left for a year and when he came back, he was completely changed.

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“I haven’t gotten any flak for being a bad guy,” actor Kin Shriner said in 1982 of the character’s change. “People feel Scotty’s behavior is justified because of his past. How would a guy feel when his woman (Laura) is raped, and then becomes involved with the rapist? No man is going to be the same after that.”

Most recently, Scott came back to Port Charles in 2013 and was engaged to Laura. He tried to marry Laura quickly before Luke could win her back. The two did get married but Scott ended up asking her for a divorce. In 2014, the divorce was finalized.