‘General Hospital’: This Supervillain Is Making a Surprising Return to the Show

Former General Hospital characters have been coming back to the series at an incredibly fast pace since 2020 kicked off. But one recently-announced return to the show is even more surprising because this character is supposed to be dead!

ABC's "General Hospital" - 2010
Michael Learned (Shirley), Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth), Scott Reeves (Steven) and Constance Towers (Helena) on ‘General Hospital’ in 2010 | Patrick Wymore/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Helena Cassadine and the last time she was on ‘General Hospital’

The character of Helena Cassadine is one of the longest-running characters on the show. She was first introduced in 1981 as the widow of Mikkos Cassadine. Elizabeth Taylor, who was a fan of the show, appeared in a guest-starring appearance in the role. Taylor’s appearance on the show is the highest-rated hour of television in daytime soap opera history.

After this appearance, Dimitra Arliss appeared as the character in 1996 and Constance Towers has portrayed the role on and off since 1997.

Despite the fact that character has died on screen it is not surprising that she is coming back for a number of reasons. For one, characters come back from the dead on soap operas all the time. Also, even if characters are still dead, they frequently come back in dream sequences.

Considering the fact that Towers has come back almost every year since she first stepped into the role, that also makes it very clear that no matter what, it shouldn’t be unusual for her or the character of Helena to return.

What we know about the character’s return

The website Highlight Hollywood first confirmed the news of Towers’ latest appearance. Their report reads, “For months Port Charles has been dancing around the obvious.  Helena Cassadine is returning in February to wreak havoc and to settle some scores.”

Towers’ scenes were scheduled to begin airing on Feb. 5, but due to the impeachment hearings, it got pushed back. The stint should only be for about two or three episodes.

General Hospital airs on ABC each weekday.