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Sonny’s gonna Sonny, and this week’s General Hospital proves it. He and Nina have a very love-hate relationship, and lately, they’ve been in the “love” phase, sort of. (This is Sonny Corinthos, after all, and he’s hardly the last of the great romantics.) It could be that its remnants of Sonny being “Mike,” or maybe it’s just guilt. Whatever the case, Sonny and Nina were caught getting cozy by none other than Carly. And to say she flipped out would be an understatement.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for recent episodes of General Hospital are ahead.]

General Hospital weekly recap focuses on Sonny and Carly, both pictured here in all-black
‘General Hospital’ | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

On ‘General Hospital,’ Carly is not a fan of Sonny & Nina getting closer

You have to give Carly a little bit of a break. After all, she just suffered a devastating loss with the death of Jason. And this, of course, after she thought she’d already buried her other husband in Sonny (and, as it turned out, he’d only been in Nixon Falls acting like a sauce cook with Nina).

So when Carly saw Nina and Sonny get close on the Thursday, December 16 episode of General Hospital, all hell broke loose. And, as SoapHub best put it, it was the beginning of something very, very bad between the kinda-sorta-not-really couple.

“It would do Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) some good to smack Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) around, but it behooves her more to leave her rival be,” reports the outlet. “So why does Nina make it so hard? Why is Nina always hovering around Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard)? And why is he letting her? So many pressing questions.”

The answer to why Sonny’s doing it is simple: because he’s Sonny Corinthos, and because he can.

Brook Lynn and Harrison Chase heat up

Brook Lynn’s sheets are barely cold from Valentin, and she’s already trying to warm up her bed with none other than Harrison Chase. Granted, these two have had explosive chemistry from the day they first hit General Hospital. And thanks to a “dropped towel” (really, though?), Brook Lynn got quite the eyeful on the Thursday, December 16 episode of the show. Expect to see more from this burgeoning couple in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Brando and Sasha say goodbye to baby Liam reported that General Hospital really did a good (and touching) job with this storyline. The outlet reports that on the Friday, December 17 episode of the show, Sasha and Brando finally heeded Sonny’s wise (albeit heartbreaking) advice and took poor baby Liam off life support.


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But, as these things are often wont to do, there was a special angel to guide the baby to the afterlife: none other than Mike Corbin, who appeared as a heavenly vision. “Sasha holds Liam as Brandon holds her,” they reported. “She cries that she’ll love Liam forever, and Brando looks up and asks Mike to look after their son. Mike’s ghost appears and promises to do so. After Liam is gone, Liz sees Brando and Sasha out, Mike is shown holding little Liam.”

Well done, General Hospital. Well done, indeed.