‘General Hospital’ Weekly Recap: Nina Wants Both Sonny and Wiley — Ava Shows Her How

What Nina wants, Nina gets. At least, that’s what this week’s General Hospital had us believing. The week kicked off with Carly and Nina tearing each other’s hair out over Sonny. And it ended with Nina enlisting the help of Ava to get some ideas on how to have both Sonny and Wiley in her life. Prior to this chat, she didn’t think it was possible. Let the scheming begin! How long do you think it will take for Carly to slap the Devil out of her again?

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for this week’s episodes of General Hospital are ahead.]

General Hospital weekly recap focuses on Sonny, pictured here in a black shirt, and Nina, pictured here in a red shirt
‘General Hospital’ | Nick Argo/ABC via Getty Images

On ‘General Hospital,’ Carly and Nina’s rivalry has reached a fever pitch

As we previously told you, this week’s General Hospital would feature Carly and Nina’s rivalry reaching a fever pitch. And Sonny, for his part, is stuck in the middle with these two. Sure, he loves Carly — and she’s still, somehow, his wife — but he can’t seem to shake Nina.

On the Jan. 10 episode of the show, Carly stormed into Nina’s office with all guns blazing, demanding some answers about her man and this woman’s time together.

“She knows another woman covets her husband and she wants to know what the heck is going on,” we said. “To that end, she barges into the Crimson offices and puts Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) on notice. She is seeking answers — answers that Sonny Corinthos seems incapable of giving her. So you can believe Nina damn well will.”

But Nina wants what she wants — and that’s Sonny

SoapHub reveals that this rivalry between the two women on General Hospital is a soap opera fan’s dream come true. These two women are equally yoked, and it’s no wonder that Sonny can’t make up his mind between them.

“Nina didn’t come looking for this fight but she didn’t back down from it either,” reports the outlet. “She informed Carly that what happened between her and Mike could happen again. This prompted Carly to slap Nina. While the magazine editor’s cheek smarted from the slap, the person who was truly hurting inside was Carly. She can’t deny any longer that the man she loves has actual feelings for Nina. Carly can say it was “Mike” and not Sonny but it’s quite possible that deep down she knows better.”

Yeah, that’s definitely going to smart just a little bit. And now that Sonny is off his meds, things are getting hairier by the minute.

Ava schemes with Nina to make her dreams come true

On the Jan. 14 episode of General Hospital, Soaps.com revealed that Sonny went off his meds and started snapping off at his son. Ava and Nina took this as an opportunity to plot and scheme to get Sonny back in Nina’s bed (which we told you was going to happen). But Nina wants both Wiley and Sonny in her life. How to make that happen? Well, good old Ava has some ideas.

“Nina brings Ava up to speed on Carly’s visit,” reports the outlet. “Ava believes this proves Carly is worried about her marriage and it reinforces the fact that Sonny is still in love with Nina. Nina wonders if there is a chance for her and Sonny, but Ava responds not if she enters a war with Michael. Ava points out that Sonny’s children will always come first with him. However, if Sonny is on her side, then he may be able to get Michael to come around regarding Wiley. Ava suggests Nina stand back and let Carly and Sonny’s marriage implode on its own, then wait and pick up the pieces. She could have both Wiley and Sonny.”

These upcoming episodes of General Hospital are definitely going to be messy, that’s for sure.

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