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This is definitely a pretty devastating week to be a General Hospital fan. One of the most beloved “ships” has come to an end (at least for now). And a beloved character blindsided everyone with the announcement that he was leaving the show.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers from this past week’s episodes of General Hospital are ahead.]

General Hospital weekly recap focuses on Scotty, portrayed by Kin Shriner, pictured here in a grey jacket and red shirt
Kin Shriner, who plays Scotty on ‘General Hospital’ | Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

On ‘General Hospital,’ Nina was set free

As it turns out, this week’s General Hospital was a good one for Nina. According to, once the truth of Nina’s relationship with Sonny was revealed, the case against her for fraud was dismissed.

But on the December 30 episode of the show, Nina blew up at Scotty for spilling the beans. Scotty, for his part, hit Nina back with some cold hard facts.

“Nina lashes out at [Scott] for revealing the truth,” reports the outlet. “Scott points out he saved her hide, and if she wants to lecture about the truth then she should have told everyone that Sonny was alive a year ago in the first place. Nina can’t deal with this, wishes them all a Happy New Year, and rushes out. Maxie follows her, and Obrecht scolds Scott for rubbing Nina’s nose in her mistake.”

But it came at the cost of Sonny & Carly’s relationship

So, with all that it’s a good thing that Nina got set free, it came at the cost of one of the beloved General Hospital ships. Yes, folks, Sonny and Carly look like they’re finally calling it quits. And that became evident, according to, on the December 29 episode of the show.

“Sonny insists that he never would have looked at Nina if he’s seen the face of the blonde woman in his dream,” reports the outlet. “Carly is more concerned about how he feels about the other woman right now. He tries to explain what it was like when he was in Nixon Falls. When he sees Nina, he sees “Mike’s” friend. It’s all jumbled up in his mind. “I need some time apart,” she tells him. He says they can work this out, but she tells him not to come home tonight.”

Well…that’s pretty brutal.

Kin Shriner announced that ‘Scotty’s run is done’

On December 30, 2021, General Hospital star Kin Shriner shocked the fandom. On that day, he took to Twitter to announce that “Scotty’s run is done.” You can check out the tweet with the announcement below.


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Fans of the show know that Shriner has been playing the character of Scott Baldwin off and on since 1977. He’s been portraying the character on this latest run since 2013. In the tweet, though, he strongly implied — but didn’t outright state — that he would be back soon.

For now, however, Shriner is going to enjoy the state of Florida, where he lives. As per his tweet, he also said he’ll be “riding his Vespa around the tropics,” so we’re sure he’s enjoying his far-too-brief break. And, of course, we’ll have to tune in to upcoming episodes of General Hospital to see when Kin Shriner will be back on the canvas next.