‘General Hospital’: What Could Holly’s Return From the Dead Mean?

Robert Scorpio and Holly Sutton shared one of the best international love stories in soap opera history. That is until she died in 1987 in a tragic plane crash in Australia. Several years later, Sutton, played by Emma Samms, returned to Port Charles to reveal that she had been in a coma for the past five years. Eventually, she was believed to be dead a second time, this time of drowning after her ship sank.

Fast-forward to 2020, and Scorpio, played by Tristan Rogers, learns that Sutton may be returning to her friends and family at General Hospital for one more curtain call.

Nathan Parsons (Ethan) and Emma Samms (Holly) talking on 'General Hospital'
Nathan Parsons (Ethan) and Emma Samms (Holly) | Rick Rowell/Getty Images

How did Holly die?

The popular character first appeared on the ABC television daytime drama in 1982. Samms continually played the role of Sutton over the years, making her last on-screen appearance in 2015.

The British beauty hooked up with Luke Spencer until his untimely death in an avalanche. After finding out she was pregnant, she married his best friend, Scorpio. When Spencer returned from the dead, Sutton and Scorpio moved to Australia to be together. 

Sutton miraculously returned to Port Charles in 1992 to reveal she was in a coma the whole time and hadn’t died in the fiery plane crash. She was heartbroken to discover that Scorpio had moved on with his life. Not long after that, Scorpio was presumably murdered while searching for his kidnapped ex-wife, Anna. In 2006, Scorpio was found aliveA lot of relationship drama ensued over the next few years, and in 2013 Sutton and Scorpio reunited once again. 

In 2015, Sutton found out that her son, Ethan, was kidnapped by Frank Smith. She joined forces with the Spencers to rescue her child and then returned to Australia once he was found. Five years later, in April of 2020, Scorpio received a call to inform him that Sutton was dead. It appeared that this time it was for real and that a hitman had been hired to kill her.

Many believe that Holly is still alive

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Sutton is like a cat with nine lives. She has used up a few, but Scorpio thinks she has a few left in her and refuses to believe she is dead. He agrees to attend her memorial service at Olivia Quartermaine’s request but is sure that Sutton still needs his help. There is a lot of revealing information swirling around that is leading many viewers to believe she is still alive. 

Soaps recently theorized that Sutton could mysteriously appear on Anna and Finn’s wedding day, with Duke on her arm. Not only would Anna be surprised, but fans would be shocked as well.

August, played by Wes Ramsey, seems to be in the middle of the mystery. Right before calling Scorpio to let him know about Sutton’s unfortunate demise, he ordered his henchman to “distract” Scorpio. He may want to come clean and finally bring Sutton back to Port Charles unharmed.

What would happen if Holly returns from the ‘dead’

Viewers would be ecstatic to see an old-time favorite character return to General Hospital. If Sutton does return from the dead, it would mean drastic changes for both her family and friends in Port Charles that have been grieving her loss.

The wicked ways of August would finally be revealed to Maxie and the rest of the world. Anna would go back to her true love, and Finn might start searching for Hayden again. Sutton’s son, Ethan, would be set to task to find the culprit that kept his mother captive, and most importantly, Scorpio would be thrilled to have her back in his arms.