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There are very few characters on daytime television that have more children than General Hospital‘s resident mobster, Sonny Corinthos. Through the years, the character has had seven children, with many of them still on the canvas today.

ABC's "General Hospital" - 2010
(L-R) Maurice Benard as Sonny and Lexi Ainsworth as Kristina in a ‘General Hospital’ scene from 2010 | Rick Rowell/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Michael Corinthos

Michael is not Sonny’s biological child, but he is pretty much the father that he has known his whole life. Michael is the son of Carly Benson Corinthos and A.J. Quartermaine. The character was born on-screen in 1997. Dylan Cash notably portrayed the character for several years as a child. Chad Duell is most identifiable as the adult version of the character.

Kristina Corinthos-Davis

Kristina is the only child of Sonny and attorney Alexis Davis, aka Natasha Cassadine. She was born on-screen in 2002. Lexi Ainsworth is the most identifiable in the role, portraying the character when she was aged as a young teen up until her adult years.

Morgan Corinthos

Morgan was the first biological child of Sonny and Carly. He was born on-screen in 2003. When the character was rapidly aged, Bryan Craig played the character and is most identifiable in the role. Craig played Morgan from 2013 up until the character’s death in 2018.

Lila McCall

Lila was the only child of Sonny Corinthos and Sam McCall, who is Alexis’ oldest daughter and Kristina’s older sister. Lila was born stillborn. When she first got pregnant, Sam did not know if Sonny or his right-hand man, Jason Morgan, would be the father.

Dante Falconeri

Dante is the only son of Sonny and Olivia Falconeri. He is the only one of Sonny’s kids that didn’t find out that he was their father until they were an adult. Dominic Zamprogna has portrayed the character since his introduction on the show in 2009. He portrayed Dante for nearly ten years.

Avery Jerome Corinthos

Avery is the only child of Sonny and his one-time enemy, Ava Jerome, who is also a mobster. Before she was conceived, Ava did not know if Sonny or Morgan would be Avery’s father. The character was born on-screen in 2014.

Donna Corinthos

Donna is the second child of Sonny and Carly. She is the youngest of Sonny’s children, as she was born on-screen in September 2019.