‘General Hospital’: Why Chloe Lanier Would Be ‘Flattered’ If Nelle Turns Out to Be Nina’s Daughter

Two main story lines on General Hospital these days involve the disappearance of Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) and the search for Nina Reeves’ (Cynthia Watros) long-lost daughter. The characters themselves don’t seem to be aware that their stories could be related, but many viewers think Nelle could turn out to be Nina’s daughter.

Even Chloe Lanier has considered this possibility, and she herself would be “flattered” if Nelle ends up being Nina’s daughter. Find out why below.

Chloe Lanier
Chloe Lanier | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Nelle and Nina used to get along until Nina betrayed Nelle’s trust

Nelle and Nina have a fraught history together. The two of them used to get along when Nelle once worked for Nina at Crimson Magazine. Nelle has a reputation for being a manipulative villain, and at that time, Nina seemed to be one of the few people in Port Charles who stood by Nelle. Nina even shared that she could see herself in Nelle.

However, things took a turn during Nelle’s custody battle to win back her son. Nina took the stand to testify in defense of Nelle, but she ended up betraying Nelle. Nina told the court Nelle was a liar who blackmailed Julian Jerome (William deVry) into marrying her.

Nina’s testimony got the court to side against Nelle. The two of them subsequently left each other’s lives. Nelle went on trying to get her son back while Nina continued searching for her daughter.

There are signs Nelle could be Nina’s daughter

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The biggest lead so far in Nina’s search for her daughter is her heart necklace, which has been cut in half. She believes the other half should lead her to her daughter. As a result, Nina has been trying to trace the origin of necklace and identifying the person who cut it.

In the past several months, General Hospital has shown that the other half of the necklace is in Nelle’s possession. However, it could take a while before Nina discovers this. Nelle recently fell from a cliff and went missing, though her necklace was suddenly found by little Avery Corinthos.

It’s clear this story line has become a lot more complicated, and there are still no real indications Nelle and Nina are truly related.

Why Chloe Lanier would be ‘flattered’ if Nelle ends up being Nina’s daughter

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The search for Nina’s daughter could still lead to another person who is not Nelle, but Lanier would be “flattered” if Nelle turns out to be Nina’s daughter after all. Lanier recently shared with Michael Fairman TV that Cynthia Watros has been extremely kind to her, and Lanier is “grateful” for being able to work with Watros.

“Cynthia is one of the kindest human beings I’ve ever met, truly,” Lanier said. “We haven’t known each other for long, but earlier this year, and not many people know this other than my close friends, I was having glaring mental health issues stemming from unresolved trauma. I was going going going for so long that I couldn’t run away from it anymore. I had never dealt with any of it. She saw it and could tell I was silently struggling and reached out.”

Lanier continued, “You don’t forget kindness like that. So I’m very grateful for Cynthia—and of course, therapy. I would be flattered if they decided to make Nelle Nina’s daughter.”