‘General Hospital’: Why Some Fans Hate the Jarly Romance — ‘Like Watching Siblings’

General Hospital fans have mixed feelings about the recently aired Jarly wedding. Carly and Jason have been friends for a long time, and while some viewers felt their marriage was well-deserved, others felt it was not the right direction to take their friendship. Now, with Sonny Corinthos back in the picture, the newly minted couple’s future looks murky. Perhaps Jarly naysayers will see their dreams come true. 

Carly and Jason’s wedding ends with a blast

Carly and Jason tied the knot during the most recent General Hospital episode, culminating their long and close relationship in the most meaningful commitment possible. But this is General Hospital, and there can be no wedding without a dramatic turn of events. 

While the wedding itself went off without a hitch — this surprised some fans, who expected a dramatic objection or interference from the Five Families — the journey to the reception proved to be a little more explosive. 

There had been hints that Jason was expecting something to go down following his marriage to Carly. Mrs. Wu cemented that suspicion when she whispered something into Jason’s ear, along with other foreshadowings prior to the wedding. 

When Jason and Carly get into their limousine, there’s an explosion. Fans are probably meant to assume that Jarly are on the receiving end, but Jason is no slouch. Many seem pretty convinced that Jason figured on the limo bomb and had it swapped over to Novak and Buscema’s vehicle. 

Some ‘General Hospital’ fans have mixed feelings

Laura Wright plays Carly Corinthos on 'General Hospital'
Laura Wright plays Carly Corinthos on ‘General Hospital’ | Rick Rowell/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

As with any fanbase, there are hot takes on either side. General Hospital fans seem pretty evenly split when it comes to the Jarly romance. Some felt that it was an excellent moment for the show, but others felt it was completely out of place for the two characters. 

“This is going down as the worst wedding in soap history. Jarly kissing is like watching siblings make out, it’s just disgusting,” opined one General Hospital fan on Twitter.

“The lack of chemistry coupled with the forced writing have made this Jarly engagement and wedding farcical to watch,” added another Twitter user.

Other fans seemed frustrated with the perceived tacit approval of the Five Families and everyone else involved in the wedding. Others felt that their marriage for love made no sense within the General Hospital world. 

“Do not like this! Especially since you changed it to them [falling] in love instead of for the ‘business.’ Takes away from their history and takes away from him & Britt,” wrote one such fan on Twitter.

Will Sonny Corinthos get between them?

Maurice Benard plays Sonny Corinthos on ‘General Hospital’
Maurice Benard plays Sonny Corinthos on ‘General Hospital’ | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

In case a limousine explosion wasn’t enough, there’s more drama coming for the new General Hospital couple. Sonny Corinthos is back with his memory fully restored after surviving a fire in the Tan-O. 

That leaves a lot of questions floating around about Jason and Carly’s future. Carly’s husband is clearly still alive, despite what she may have believed. However, Sonny also has the potential for new romance in his own life — Nina made a valediction that he appeared to reject, but that doesn’t mean his frustration is permanent. 

Fans will have to wait for Sonny to roll up in Port Charles before they can see exactly how everything is going to shake out. 

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