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George Clooney is infamous for being Hollywood’s prankster. He’s pulled pranks on some of Hollywood’s brightest stars, including Matt Damon, Meryl Streep, and Brad Pitt. 

However, a cruel prank he played on Richard Kind may be the worst he’s ever done.

Back when Clooney was still a Hollywood newcomer, he took things to another level when he defecated in Kind’s cat’s litter box.

George Clooney lived with Richard Kind early in his career

George Clooney
George Clooney speaks virtually during Screen Talk at the 64th BFI London Film Festival | BFI via Getty Images

When Clooney was still a struggling actor, he had to stay with Kind after a breakup. He had nowhere to live after ending things with his then-girlfriend, so he ended up crashing on Kind’s couch for a while. 

“I was living with him, I’d broken up with someone, I was living in his apartment,” Clooney said. “It was a one-bedroom apartment. I was sleeping on the couch. And he was working, he was doing the Carol Burnett Show then. He was going to work every day, and I had nothing to do, I was an unemployed actor.”

He used to clean Richard Kind’s cat’s litter box 

Since he was at home all the time, Clooney noticed Kind’s cat’s litter box was rarely clean. Before long, he took it upon himself to start scooping the litter box.

“He had this little kitten, right next to the toilet in there was a cat box,” Clooney said. “And it was always filled with cat s–t, cause he never cleaned it out and I’m always scooping it up and cleaning it out.”

Richard Kind thought his cat had stopped pooping 


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When Kind returned home, he couldn’t understand why there were never cat feces in the litter box. 

“And then I was sitting there watching jeopardy and he comes home and he’s like … ‘My little kitten has not taken a s–t, in I think, three days,” Clooney said. “And I don’t say anything, I don’t know why I don’t tell him that I’ve scooped all the s–t up. And the cat doesn’t go out, it stays in this apartment.”

Although Clooney was responsible for the lack of cat feces in the litter box, he never told Kind what was up. 

“And so the next day he goes to work, I scoop up the cat s–t, he comes in, he’s like, ‘I don’t understand it. It doesn’t make sense,” Clooney said. “And he keeps doing that for days, and I don’t know why I’m doing it. I just think it’s funny.”

George Clooney pooped in the cat’s litter box 

The consummate prankster, Clooney got the bright idea to relieve himself inside the cat’s litter box. 

“And then I’m in there about to scoop up the next round, and then the light just finally dawns on me,” Clooney said. “And I take a giant s–t in the cat box. And I wait for Richard to come home. 

Kind, who had no idea what Clooney had done, was in shock when he discovered Clooney’s surprise. 

“And I’m sitting there watching jeopardy, I don’t say a word, and Richard goes into the bathroom and he’s in there for a second,” Clooney said. “And I hear, ‘Oh my God! Oh my god! Kenny! You can’t believe this!’ And you know, the cat’s this big.” 

Clooney didn’t disclose whether or not he ever told Kind that he was responsible for the prank, but it’s safe to assume he knows now.