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In 1968, The Beatles went to Rishikesh in northern India to study meditation with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. They were all big on spirituality and expanding their consciousness. In 1967, George Harrison was interviewed by the International Times about his thoughts on God and the meaning of it all. One thing Harrison was excited to talk about was “the buzz of all buzzes,” and how to attain it naturally.

Beatles John Lennon (1940 - 1980) and George Harrison (1943 - 2001) in Newquay while filming 'The Magical Mystery Tour' in 1967.
The Beatles John Lennon and George Harrison | Keystone Features/Getty Images

George Harrison loved the buzz ‘communication’ gave him

Harrison told his interviewer, Barry Miles, that communicating with people reminded him that “we are all one.”

“Communication, just the realisation of human love reciprocated, it’s such a gas, it’s a good vibration which makes you feel good,” he said, as recorded in the book George Harrison on George Harrison.

In addition to simply talking to people, Harrison was passionate about the feelings elicited via chanting.

“These vibrations that you get through Yoga, Cosmic chants and things like that, I mean it’s such a buzz, it buzzes you out of everywhere,” he said. “It’s nothing to do with pills or anything like that. It’s just in your own head, the realisation, it’s such a buzz, it buzzes you tight into the astral plane.”

George Harrison said the ‘buzz of all buzzes’ is God

At this time, Harrison was adamant about living a healthy life. He felt he couldn’t fully be aware of his consciousness unless he was sober and feeling well.

“Nobody can become a drug addict if they’re hip,” he said. “Because it’s obvious that if you’re hip then you’ve got to make it. The buzz of all buzzes which is the thing that is God—you’ve got to be straight to get it. I’m sorry to tell you, you can get it better or more if you’re straight because you can only get it to a degree. You know even if you get it, you only get it however long your pill lasts.”

To feel this buzz of all buzzes, Harrison said one needs to “be healthy, don’t eat meat, keep away from those nightclubs and meditate.”

The Beatles were big on yoga


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Yoga was a powerful tool for The Beatles in aiding them in their spiritual quests. The ancient form of exercise was another way Harrison felt the buzz.

“Through Yoga, anybody can attain; it’s a God realisation; you just practice Yoga and if you really mean it, then you’ll do it,” he said. “You’ll do it to a degree. . . there’s Yogis that have done it to such a degree that they’re God, they’re like Christ and they can walk on the water and materialize bodies and they can do all those tricks. But that’s not the point; the point is that we can all do that and we’ve all got to do that and we’ll keep on being reborn because of the law of action and reaction; ‘What-so-ever a man soweth, that shall he also reap’; you reap when you come back in your next birth, what you’ve sewn in your previous incarnation, that’s why I’m me and you’re you and he’s him and we are all whoever we are.”