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George Harrison was called a “brave man” by Paul McCartney and “always serious” by a friend. In a self-interview, this songwriter mentioned his reputation as the “easy-going” Beatle. Here’s what we know about this member of the Beatles.

The other Beatles called George Harrison ‘a very brave man’

One half of the Beatles singing group, George Harrison (L) and John Lennon, are shown aboard their plane
One half of the Beatles singing group, George Harrison (L) and John Lennon, are shown aboard their plane | Bettmann / Contributor via Getty Images

As one member of the Fab Four, Harrison wrote and recorded music with the Beatles. He was known for being “lovely,” with McCartney even calling him a “brave man.”

“He was a lovely guy and a very brave man and had a wonderful sense of humor,” McCartney said, via ABC News, after Harrison’s death. “He is really just my baby brother. We were school friends together, you know. And we joined the Beatles together and went through all of that together.”

Beatles fans got a behind-the-scenes look at the band’s relationship in Disney+’s The Beatles: Get Back. That includes Harrison’s attitude toward songwriting. 

George Harrison described himself as a ‘slow’ member of the Beatles

When it comes to Harrison’s instruments and songwriting, this artist had a different approach from the other band members. In a 1964 self-interview (via Beatles Interviews), Harrison commented on his reputation as the “most easy-going Beatle.”

“I suppose it means a lot of things which are true,” Harrison responded. “I’m slow — I like to to take my time whether it is to think out a reply, or to tune up my guitar. I hate to dart from one subject to another. I get some sort of personal satisfaction out of finishing one thing before I start another.”


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Cynthia Lennon called The Beatles’ George Harrison ‘always serious’ with a ‘shy, toothy grin’

People close to the Beatles detailed Harrison’s personality and relationship with the other band members. That includes John Lennon’s first wife, Cynthia, who met the guitar player when he was still a teenager.

“George was the kid who tagged along,” Cynthia Lennon wrote in her 2005 memoir John. “He was always serious, and his shy, toothy grin only ever flickered for a moment before it disappeared. He was quiet and seemed troubled as he trailed behind John and Paul, deferring to them even though he was a fantastic guitar player.”

When the Beatles first formed, most members attended school. With Harrison still a teenager at the time, the age gap between these musicians was noticeable. 

“They tolerated him because he was good,” she continued, “but they patronized and often ignored him when they were absorbed in something together.”

Harrison sometimes wrote music for the Beatles, including “Here Comes the Sun.” He remained a member of the Beatles until their official split in 1970. After that, he released and performed solo songs, including “My Sweet Lord.”