‘Ghosts’ Actor Rose McIver Reveals She Can Never Go On Set Without a ‘Bizarre’ Habit

The CBS Ghosts cast has eight spirits and two living characters, Jay and Sam, played by Utkarsh Ambudkar and Rose McIver. With so many actors, each needs to be comfortable with everyone else seeing their on-set habits. And Ghosts actor Rose McIver confessed she’s “quite famous” for one “bizarre” tick. The iZombie actor listed off several things she cannot come to set without.

'Ghosts' actor Rose McIver as Samantha
Rose McIver as Samantha in ‘Ghosts’ | Bertrand Calmeau/CBS via Getty Images

CBS ‘Ghosts’ actor Rose McIver carries a whole armful of stuff on set

On the set of the Ghosts TV show, McIver became fast friends with Richie Moriarty, Rebbecca Wisocky, and other cast members. They have become familiar with her habit of “carrying everything” she owns, though.

Some actors bring a charm or specific item for luck. During an interview on the YouTube channel, Collider Extras, McIver was asked if she had anything special she brought on set.

“It’s funny you should ask because I’m quite famous for carrying everything I own with me at all times. I don’t know where it comes from,” McIver said. “It must be some sort of inherited behavior, but I carry [everything].”

Even the interviewer laughed thinking about the image of McIver carting around an armful of stuff through the Ghosts Woodstone Mansion.

CBS ‘Ghosts’ actor Rose McIver needs her script, water bottle, thermos, and countless other items with her on set

It started with a simple question about if McIver brought anything with her on a set. The Once Upon a Time star did not just have one thing; she had a whole list.

“Just in case, I’m going to need my drink bottle, my thermos, my book. I’ve got my script, my binder, I’ve got an iPad, and I have it all under my arms at any given moment,” McIver said, mimicking what she looked like on the Ghosts set with armfuls of stuff.

With her Ghosts episodes coming as adaptations of the popular BBC Ghosts (2019), McIver knows she needs to bring her A-game … and everything else, too.

“I’ll move like 10 feet, and I’ll carry it, just in case I need it. It’s quite bizarre. It’s got to be a sort of hoarding-style technique,” Ghosts actor Rose McIver said.

While the habit could have come from any set starring Rose McIver, Power Rangers RPM, Once Upon a Time, or iZombie, the Ghosts actor said that even her family made jokes about her carrying everything with her. 

“I’ve had family say it’s like me carrying around all my teddy bears. It’s the same sort of mentality, like ‘Just in case, I need all these mates, we’re ready,’” she said.

Whether Ghosts actor Rose McIver films a Halloween special for the CBS show or the season finale, she has to have her equipment with her.


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And with CBS renewing Ghosts Season 2, her cast will see her armful of scripts, iPads, and water bottles for a long time.