‘Ghosts’ Actor Rose McIver Said Jennifer Morrison From ‘Once Upon a Time’ Would ‘Most Likely Believe’ She Could See Ghosts

iZombie star Rose McIver plays Samantha, the co-owner of the Woodstone Mansion in the CBS show Ghosts. After hitting her head, she realizes that she can see ghosts haunting the house. Of course, this leads to several situations trying to convince the living of what the dead are up to. And Ghosts actor Rose McIver said her Once Upon a Time co-star Jennifer Morrison would probably be the most likely to believe her spectral vision.

'Ghosts' Rose McIver and Jennifer Morrison from 'Once Upon a Time' cast and crew celebration of the 100th episode
Rose McIver and Jennifer Morrison | Jack Rowand/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

‘Ghosts’ Rose McIver said ‘Once Upon a Time’ required both her and Jennifer Morrison to suspend their belief a lot

McIver played a game during an interview where she imagined if her life resembled a real-life Ghosts scenario like in the Woodstone Manor. She picked what ghosts she wouldn’t mind living with and even got to choose a living friend to accompany her.

“That friend would be Jennifer Morrison from Once Upon a Time,” the Ghosts actor told Collider Extras. “You know, the amount that we had to believe on that show, I remember her talking about having to really invest in the belief in the powers of, like, this coconut she carried around. It was like a handbag or something.”

Ghosts’ Rose McIver said Jennifer Morrison (House M.D. and Euphoria director) both joined the ABC drama Once Upon a Time cast as Tinkerbell and Emma Swan.

In Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 4, “Nasty Habits,” Baelfire’s Coconut was a magical artifact that helped the characters in Neverland. And it wasn’t a prop, it was just a real coconut to the actors.

ABC and Disney’s Once Upon a Time really skewed into the strange a lot.

‘Ghosts’ star Rose McIver said she’d bring ‘Once Upon a Time’ actor Jennifer Morrison for their friendship

McIver hit it off with many of her Ghosts co-stars like Richie Moriarty and Rebecca Wisocky. However, Ghosts actor Rose McIver still considers Jennifer Morrison one of her best friends.

“The amount that she’s had to suspend reality and believe things in that show,” McIver said. “She’s also like one of my best friends, so I think that she would be able to get on board and be earnest and commit [and say] ‘Alright, this is happening.’ She would take me seriously, I think.”

McIver did not join the Once Upon a Time cast until Season 3, but she and Morrison have remained close friends since then. They even met on the sets of two comedy-drama shorts in 2015, Mattresside and Warning Labels.

The Samantha actor would include Richie Moriarty in her haunted house

In addition to Rose McIver’s Once Upon a Time co-star Jennifer Morrison, she had some other ghosts she would add to her haunted house.

Fans of the CBS sitcoms Ghosts will be familiar with Danielle Pinnock, the jazz entertainer. McIver could choose her own entertainer for her theoretical ghost house, and she went with actor and comedian T. Murph, who she starred with in Hulu’s Woke.

She also suggested a relative “from like 10 generations ago.” The actor was interested in what they might have to say.


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Bringing a member of the Ghosts cast with her, she said she would take Richie Moriarty as Pete, the spirit of a boy scout leader who died after taking a wayward arrow to the neck.

The show became a surprise TV hit, even rivaling Young Sheldon in ratings. Who knows if Once Upon a Time co-stars Rose McIver and Jennifer Morrison could team up again on Ghosts with Morrison as the guest star this time.