‘Gilmore Girls’: 3 Absolutely Irredeemable Side Characters

Gilmore Girls might have been mostly about Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory Gilmore. Still, the show’s side characters managed to elevate the series. While many of the show’s side characters were inherently good people, some weren’t all that great. In fact, there were a few Gilmore Girls side characters that were entirely irredeemable. Do you agree that these three characters were awful? 

It didn’t matter how brilliant Asher Flemming was; he was an awful ‘Gilmore Girls’ character 

Paris Geller was mature, driven, and often downright mean. Still, she pushed Rory in the right direction and created a lot of interesting drama. Whether you loved Paris or hate her, watching her hookup with a man 40 years her senior was troubling. 

Michael York is seen at the 19th annual Charlie Awards. York played Asher Flemming in 'Gilmore Girls'
Michael York | Michael Schwartz/WireImage

Amy Sherman Palladino presented Asher Flemming, the professor Paris dated as a college freshman, as brilliant and accomplished. He was supposed to be seen as an intellectual match for Paris. He didn’t actually have any redeemable qualities, though. The age gap, the clear power imbalance, and the fact that Asher had dated multiple young co-eds before hooking up with Paris meant he was nothing more than a predator, no matter how the show attempted to present him. 

Theresa Lister was a completely awful and unnecessary character 

Lindsay Lister and Dean Forrester’s relationship was doomed to fail. Very few people who decided to get married before the ink on their high school diplomas dried had an easy journey. While the breakdown of their marriage is one of the most divisive Gilmore Girls plots, it’s not Lindsay or Dean who are completely irredeemable. Lindsay’s mother, Theresa Lister, on the other hand, was a needless and completely horrible character. 

Lindsay and Dean were young and made a rash decision to get married. Dean’s parents appeared to be mostly out of the picture; Theresa was not. Not only was she completely cool with the idea of her teen daughter getting married, but she actively encouraged the entire thing. When it, understandably, didn’t work out, she didn’t accept that the marriage was doomed to fail. Instead, she stepped in to verbally attack Rory for Lindsay. She was far too involved and yet, not involved enough to have any likable characteristics. 

Visiting Chilton student, Anna, was impossible to like 

In season 4 of Gilmore Girls, Rory was asked to act as a tour guide for Anna Fairchild, a Chilton student interested in attending Yale. While Rory was the most boring tour guide in history, Anna was a terrible guest. She had no redeeming qualities. 

Sarah Foret is seen at the ELLEGIRL Hollywood Prom in 2005. Foret played Anna Fairchild in a single episode of 'Gilmore Girls'
Sarah Foret | Phil McCarten/Getty Images

Anna, at 16, wanted to visit Yale to party, not to see if the school was a good fit for her. She allowed Rory to buy her gifts, all before she disappeared to attend a party without her chaperone. Viewers never found out what college Anna ended up attending. Hopefully, she figured out how to be a better dorm guest at her next college visit.  

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