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Gilmore Girls was just as much about Stars Hollow’s residents as it was about Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. The show’s secondary characters, some would argue, are what made the show great. During its seven-season run, little tidbits of information about some of the residents were dripped into the show to make them more dynamic. Do you remember these three random facts that were mentioned?

Babette was once thrown from a moving car by a former lover

By the time Gilmore Girls fans met Babette, she was happily married to Morey Dell. The seemingly mismatched pair were incredibly happy together and seemed to adore the time they spent together. Still, Babette wasn’t always lucky in love.

During Rory’s breakup with Dean, Babette revealed that she knew what it was like to kiss many frogs before finding Mr. Right. She revealed that she was once thrown from a moving car by a former lover. Babette noted that it wasn’t the only time she got wrapped up with the wrong kind of guy, either.

Taylor Doose has incredibly small feet for an average-sized man

In the episode, “Raincoats and Recipes”, Taylor Doose left his shoes outside his door at The Dragonfly Inn, expecting them to receive a complimentary shining. That’s not what happened, though. Instead, one of Michel Gerard’s dogs stole the shoe and chewed on it, rendering it completely useless. Lorelai instructed Michel to order a new pair for Taylor, who then revealed his shoe size. Taylor told Michel that he was a 6.5 narrow.

Michel Gerard sitting in the dining room of The Dragonfly Inn
Michel Gerard in ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ | Netflix

A 6.5 is an especially small shoe size for a man who appears to be about average height. According to Footwear News, 10.5 is the most common shoe size for men. Most brands make men’s shoes from a size seven upward. Children’s shoes are broken down into three categories, infant, preschool, and grade school sizing. Taylor, if he was, in fact, a size 6.5 would have likely worn a children’s shoe. 

Kirk Gleason came from an incredibly large family, but none of his siblings are ever seen

Kirk Gleason was, by far, one of the oddest inhabitants of Stars Hollow. Still, Gilmore Girls fans knew little about his life outside of the thousands of jobs he held in the town. Now and then, though, Kirk offered fans a glimpse into his upbringing. As it turns out, Kirk was far from an only child. He had 12 brothers and sisters.


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While the Gleason family was supersized, most of them left Stars Hollow. Fans learned that Kirk’s girlfriend, Lulu, briefly dated his brother, but there was never any mention of that brother again. No one purporting to be Kirk’s sibling was ever seen on the show.