‘Gilmore Girls’: 3 Reasons Logan Huntzberger Is Clearly the 1 For Rory Gilmore

We’ll be honest, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life wasn’t a shining moment for Logan Huntzberger. In fact, Logan had the most character development during season 7 of Gilmore Girls, and it all came crumbling down in the revival. Even though his behavior was less-than-stellar during the Netflix reboot, there are still plenty of reasons to believe that Logan was the one for Rory.

Logan was the only boyfriend Rory had that didn’t fall all over himself to get her

Logan was different from Rory’s other exes. Both Jess Mariano and Dean Forrester were utterly enamored with Rory almost immediately, long before they knew anything about her. Their feelings never seemed to change, or even really progress over the duration of the relationships. Logan was the first person that Rory was into that didn’t immediately fall all over himself to win her over.

Matt Czuchry played Logan Huntzberger on 'Gilmore Girls'
Matt Czuchry played Logan Huntzberger on ‘Gilmore Girls’ | Mark Sullivan/WireImage

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Sure, some people may think that made him a bit of a jerky early on in their courtship, but it is actually the reason Logan might be the one. Logan didn’t decide to settle down and commit to a relationship with Rory until he got to know her. He didn’t pick her to be his first real relationship because he liked the way she looked, which appeared to be the case with both Dean and, in a way, Jess. He got involved because he liked her as a total person.  

Logan was really the only boyfriend who really showed up for Rory when she needed him

Dean and Rory dated when they were young, but by the time the third installment of their relationship rolled around, it was pretty clear Dean wasn’t going to show up for Rory when she needed him, no matter how “safe” she claimed he made her feel. Dean was the one in a committed relationship when he hooked up with Rory, but somehow seemed to blame her for his infidelity, and his behavior during the course of that short-lived relationship wasn’t great, either.

Jess may have turned into a perfectly mature adult, but he really wasn’t great to Rory during their relationship. He left Stars Hollow twice without saying goodbye, told her he loved her before running off, then showed up unannounced to ask her to leave school for him. The whole relationship was troubled.

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Logan may have had his issues, but he was pretty heavily invested in Rory’s life and showed up for her when it counted. He stayed with her when Richard had his second heart attack and was willing to alter his life plan if it meant they could stay together. Overall, Logan turned out to be the most dependable of Rory’s boyfriends, despite his party-boy persona.

Logan was the closest match to the important men in Rory’s life

While the jury is still out on Logan, it seems pretty clear that Amy Sherman-Palladino intended for Logan to be Rory’s most significant relationship, if not the main relationship in her life. Logan, unlike her previous two suitors, shared personality traits with two notable men in Rory’s life. Logan, like Richard Gilmore, is well-read, charming, and sophisticated. He also grows up to be dedicated to his work, much like Richard.

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Logan is also an awful lot like Christopher Hayden, Rory’s biological father, too. While that’s generally not considered a positive trait, some fans believe that the parallels between the two indicate that Logan might actually be the one for Rory, even though Christopher was never exactly right for Lorelai.