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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life may have aired on Netflix in 2016, but fans are still discussing the revival’s final four words. Rory Gilmore finds herself pregnant and tells her mother, Lorelai Gilmore, in the final scene. Fans have spent the last four years debating who the father of that baby could be. While most agree that Logan Huntzberger is the father, there are a couple of other longshot options. Paul, Rory’s ever-forgettable boyfriend, is an option, as is a man dressed as a Wookie that Rory randomly hooked up with. There are a few facts. However, that pretty much pushes the Wookie out of the running.

The timing isn’t right

The timing of Rory’s hookup with the Wookie makes it nearly impossible that he is the father of Rory’s child. Rory and the Wookie get together in the Spring episode of the series. Vulture notes that the hook up came towards the end of the Spring episode, so that firmly places the one-night stand around May. Rory informs Lorelai that she is pregnant at the very end of the Fall episode, meaning it would have been November in Stars Hollow.

That means Rory would have been between five and six months pregnant at that point. Several fans point out that Rory, who is rather thin, would have been showing, at least to some extent, that far along in the pregnancy. During the final words, she looks as slim as ever, indicating that she was still pretty early into the pregnancy.

Rory is seen drinking after she hooked up with the Wookie

Rory might have been scattered and careless throughout Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, but she was still Rory. She likely would have never been careless enough to drink while pregnant. If the nameless Wookie is the father of Rory’s baby, then she would have been at least two months along when Summer rolled around, and five months along when she finally told Lorelai she was pregnant.

Rory was seen drinking during the Summer episode, and she was also spied drinking during the Fall episode when she meets up with Logan and the Life and Death Brigade. It seems unlikely that Rory, who, while scattered as an adult, would be unaware of her pregnancy for several months. The drinking during the two seasons indicates that she was not, in fact, pregnant at that time.

It wouldn’t bring the story full-circle

Amy Sherman-Palladino has made it clear that the goal of the final four words was to bring the story of the Gilmore girls full-circle. Leaving Rory pregnant and unsure of her future mimics Lorelai’s early life. Having Rory pregnant by a random, nameless person would be a deviation from Lorelai’s life story, and that just doesn’t seem to fit Sherman-Palladino’s motivation.

Fans have long argued that Logan is Rory’s Christopher. It has also been suggested that Logan and Rory’s love story closely matches Richard and Emily’s romance. If that is the case, fans can assume that Logan would have fathered Rory’s child. Giving Rory’s child a completely unknown father who can’t be tracked down would take Rory’s life in an entirely different direction than her mother’s, and that doesn’t seem likely.