‘Gilmore Girls’: 3 Side Characters Who Brought No Value to the Series

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore were the main characters of Gilmore Girls. Still, fans think the show’s side characters made the series truly special, even those who didn’t reside in Stars Hollow. Loyal fans consider Luke Danes, Kirk Gleason, Honor Huntzberger, and even Taylor Doose as important characters who added value to the show. Not every side character was a winner, though. Three people were introduced during the show’s seven-season run that, frankly, we probably could have lived without.

‘Gilmore Girls’ fans still can’t figure out why Jackon’s cousin, Rune, was introduced

Gilmore Girls fans might remember Rune as Lorelai’s rather unpleasant and unexpected blind date from season 1. Sookie St. James and Jackson Belleville planned their very first date. Jackson’s cousin Rune arrived in Stars Hollow and almost ruined everything. Instead of postponing the date, Sookie decided to set Rune and Lorelai up so things wouldn’t get weird. The ever-unpleasant Rune freaked out when he realized Lorelai was taller than him and acted terribly for the duration of the evening.

Fans could have lived with a one-off appearance, but Rune was seen two more times in seasons 1 and 2 of Gilmore Girls. Showrunner, Amy Sherman-Palladino, eventually decided to write the character out, and no one in Stars Hollow mentioned him again. While Rune could have been a quirky antagonist, the role never really developed. Fans last saw Rune in “The Bracebridge Dinner.” Fans think he brought absolutely no value to the show and certainly didn’t deserve three episodes. 

Sherry Tinsdale could have been an interesting character, Amy Sherman-Palladino missed the opportunity

Lorelai and Christopher Hayden had a long history, and they had an interesting “will-they-won’t-they” storyline for most of Gilmore Girls’ seven seasons. In season 2, Gilmore Girls introduced Christopher’s girlfriend, Sherry Tinsdale. The character could have been a really interesting way to keep Chris and Lorelai apart. Instead, fans argue, Sherman-Palladino, completely missed an opportunity to develop a clear-cut rivalry.

Instead, the famed showrunner opted for a surprise pregnancy storyline that kept Chris and Lorelai separated. As tired of an arc as it was, the storyline could have been a lot juicier. Before fans knew it, GiGi was a toddler, and Sherry had absconded to France. Gilmore Girls fans hate how little thought the writing team put into the character. She could have just as easily not existed.

Francie Jarvis, Chilton’s mean girl, was too one-dimensional to matter

Rory Gilmore didn’t have many friends, but the ones she did have were important to the show’s storylines. Francie Jarvis had the ability to be an important figure during Rory’s high school years, but the character fell flat, argue fans. One Reddit user points out that while the season 3 tension between Rory and Francie could have been good, it simply failed to land.


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So, what was wrong? Simply put, the character was completely one-dimensional and lacked the nuance that Gilmore Girls fans became accustomed to during the show’s first and second seasons. Francie, unlike Paris Geller, couldn’t manage to pull off the balance of being both a friend and a mean girl. In the end, Francie didn’t matter. She disappeared after the Chilton graduation.