‘Gilmore Girls’: 3 Times Richard and Emily Gilmore Were Relationship Goals

Gilmore Girls fans may have been hyper-focused on the romantic lives of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, but there was one couple who was absolutely relationship goals. Richard and Emily Gilmore’s relationship, upon first glance, might have seemed stuffy. Yet, as the show progressed, it became obvious that their love was the real deal. 

Richard agreed to let Emily go first 

In Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, fans watched as Emily, Lorelai, and Rory all grappled with Richard’s death. The storyline was written into the series after Edward Hermann, the actor who portrayed Richard for all seven seasons of the series, died in 2014. Before Hermann’s tragic death, his character had multiple heart attacks. 

His first cardiac episode took place in season 1 of the series. Fans generally agree that it was the first time Richard and Emily’s love was really highlighted. In a poignant scene, Emily refused to discuss Richard’s potential death and insisted that he let her go first. He patted her hand lovingly and said, “you may go first.” The scene may have been a short one, but it really hinted at their undying love for each other. 

Richard was always concerned with ensuring that Emily was happy 

Richard and Emily were two inherently different people. They found different things important and had completely different hobbies. That never stopped Richard from ensuring that Emily was happy, even if what made her happy made no sense to him. 

In Season 3, Emily helped Lorelai secure a date with a man she met at an auction Emily organized. After one date, Lorelai was no longer interested in seeing him, upsetting Emily in the process. Richard went to bat for Emily and argued with Lorelai about needing to follow proper protocol. Richard didn’t really care about the protocol, explains one Reddit user, but he certainly cared about Emily’s happiness. 

In a heated conversation, he told Lorelai, “the point is your mother is upset, and I don’t want her to be upset. Now, you may not understand her world, I may not understand her world, but it is her world, and in her world it is very, very important that she have the first cup of tea. And I don’t care about your independence or what you told your mother or anything else you have to say – if my wife wants the first cup of tea, she’s going to have the first cup of tea, that’s it! Now, I will call you after I play golf.”

They weren’t afraid to be romantic in front of other people 

After reconciling after a separation, Emily and Richard hosted a vow renewal ceremony. Emily’s nerves over the big event were sweet enough. Still, their omantic gestures at the ceremony officially made Emily and Richard relationship goals. 


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During their first dance together, Richard regaled his guests with a story about Emily’s favorite song from when Lorelai was a baby. The pair then danced to “Wedding Bell Blues” by The Fifth Dimension. Hundreds of guests witnessed the sweet moment. Richard told Emily that for one night, and one night only, his name was Bill.